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Liam Payne Joins One Direction Bandmates In Los Angeles

Liam Payne has reportedly flown into Los Angeles where he joins One Direction bandmates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Of course every story concerning One Direction at present has to include an obligatory reference to Tomlinson’s baby, so Unreality TV obliged with a headline that claims that Payne has flown in to meet Tomlinson’s son. Whilst Liam may well meet baby Tomlinson, the fact that Payne has his parents with him on the trip probably indicates that he is in fact in L.A. for the forthcoming awards season.

Of course, with Payne being a member of One Direction some news outlets seem to believe it is necessary to say something nasty in every story about Liam and his mates. On this occasion the Daily Mail claims that Liam “cut a surly figure” as he arrived at LAX because he kept his head down as he strolled through the terminal. As you would expect, there is no recognition of the fact that Payne could simply be feeling tired and jet-lagged after a 12-hour flight from London.

Over the Christmas holiday period, Liam kept a pretty low profile. After wishing bandmate Louis a happy birthday and his fans a happy Christmas on December 24, Payne was largely absent from social media and from the gossip columns. Payne was largely left to his own devices whilst the media concentrated on rumored new romances for all of his bandmates.

It certainly seems that Payne was enjoying the opportunity to find his chill over the holiday, but according to the Sun, it looks like Liam’s period of rest won’t last for long. It seems that world renowned superstar J-Lo is signing up Payne to pen some new songs for her.

“Liam was asked round to meet Jennifer and they had a great chat about music and how they thought their styles could come together to create something she’d love. It went really well so he’s now going to work his hardest to write as many tracks as possible and present them to her.”

“He’s determined to be the best possible songwriter he can be and is thrilled a music legend like J-Lo would want to work with him.”

Liam has previously revealed that he intends to spend One Direction’s hiatus writing songs for himself and others and we recently saw him tease a distinctly R n’ B flavored track on Instagram.

Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday

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Apparently Liam has even set up his own company called Hampton Music Limited to handle the songs he writes for others. Whilst Liam is keen to focus on writing, we may not be seeing him releasing his own records any time soon. It is claimed that Payne wants to write without the pressures of recording and performing for a change.

“Liam has been messing around writing songs in every genre — including even country and rap. He’s experimenting and having a great time being in the studio without the pressure of performing.”

It is very interesting to see that huge selling artists like Jennifer Lopez are willing to engage Payne’s services as a songwriter. In their early days, Payne and his bandmates were written off as a manufactured pop band who were singing karaoke versions of other people’s songs. As time has progressed Payne and his bandmates have written more and more of their own material, and now both Payne and Styles are writing songs for other people.

Liam has, of course, written or co-written many of the tracks on One Direction’s recent albums, and the maturity of those albums indicates that Payne and his bandmates are developing into accomplished songwriters. It will be interesting to see how far Liam can push his songwriting during One Direction’s extended break.

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