Katherine Jackson did not refile a lawsuit for Michael Jackson's death in January 2016

Michael Jackson’s Mom’s Death Lawsuit Not Filed Again In 2016

In the world of Michael Jackson, he is being honored in a new film — but the drama with his daughter and his death lawsuits are far from over.

Adding to his 2016 honors, a new biopic by Spike Lee is debuting at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Vibe wrote the following on January 8, about the new Michael Jackson film.

Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall debuts at the Sundance Film Festival [on January 24] and will be televised on Showtime [on February 5] at 9 p.m. EST with additional viewing available on demand and online.”

About the Michael Jackson movie, ShowBiz 411 stated that it revealed an interview from MJ in 1980 that said he was not sorry about leaving behind his brothers to start a solo career.

However, it is clear that Michael Jackson never left his family behind and his fortune went to the Jackson family. Of course, it is also clear that his family is still devoted to Michael Jackson after his death, and his mother is determined to get justice for the mysterious circumstances surrounding his early demise.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Katherine Jackson has allegedly had a health decline over the last part of 2015 — and she is assumed to be ill because of the tribulations related to Michael Jackson’s death lawsuit.

According to Law 360, Michael Jackson’s mother has repeatedly tried to get justice for her son’s death as it relates to the AEG company and Lloyd’s of London insurance. In some cases, justice was not on her side, and it is speculated by fans that corruption may be part of the reason that the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit has not been honored.

Michael Jackson had no regrets about breaking up the band with his brothers.
One of the new re-released details in Spike Lee’s movie is that Michael Jackson stated in 1980 that he did not regret breaking up the Jackson 5 for a solo career. [Photo by Frank Barratt/Getty Images]

For example, in an opinion piece from the Rochester Patch written on January 7, it is inferred that some fans do not believe that Michael Jackson’s death case has been truly cleared in a court of law because the facts do not add up.

For instance, one piece of evidence that has not been clarified is that there were “Other emails [describing] the details of AEG’s budget for the fated “This is It” tour. The doctor found guilty for the murder of Michael Jackson was budgeted for the months of May and June, 2009 only.”

Sadly, a recent article from the Voice Observer stating that, in January 2016, Katherine Jackson refiled the lawsuit about Michael Jackson’s death appears to be in error because there is no other supporting evidence for this claim found online.

Unfortunately, the lawsuit question that now remains for Michael Jackson’s family is who the fortune actually belongs to. On January 5, the Michael Jackson fan-created blog, Daily Michael, stated that “Quadree El-Amin, Broderick Morris, Aldean King and Raymone Bain combined claims ownership on 15 percent of the Michael Jackson Company.”

As Vindicate Michael explains, fans are not convinced that this is an honest lawsuit — and all it does is add worry to Michael Jackson’s family.

As it appears, not everyone in Michael Jackson’s family is happy with Katherine Jackson — and most are worried about Paris. TMZ explains on January 19, that one of Michael Jackson’s cousins claims that Katherine Jackson is purposely keeping them from seeing Paris and Blanket.

Nevertheless, the cousin of Michael Jackson could be having concerns because Paris Jackson is allegedly out of control.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry explains on January 18, that Michael Jackson’s daughter has been feeling sad after a breakup with her boyfriend — and has dramatically changed her look.

They also claim “Paris hasn’t been obeying any of grandmother Katherine Jackson’s rules since her nasty split from [Chester] Castellaw.”

Outsiders are still unsure if there are any signs that Michael Jackson’s daughter is at risk — and this is especially troubling since Paris sought mental health care not too long ago, according to an August, 2013, report from the Daily Mail.

On the upside, Michael Jackson memorabilia collectors have a new chance to purchase a piece of his artwork.

The Telegraph reported on January 19, that “Portraits of Obama, JFK, Marilyn Monroe and others by Michael Jackson are to be sold by a Florida-based television personality, drug [counselor] and psychic” and the pieces are valued at about $100 million.

Art by Michael Jackson is now available for sale
Artwork created by Michael Jackson is now on sale. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

[Picture by Stringer/Getty Images]