Bill Clinton goes on speaking tours to rally for Hillary.

Bill Clinton Haters Planned And Promise To Escalate Attacks

With Hillary Clinton taking another shot at the presidency, her husband and former U.S. president Bill Clinton has at the same time regain popularity for the good and the bad and no doubt, has become the main target for the better part of the year before the November’s presidential election.

Soon after Stephen Colbert’s return to television, he had Bill Clinton on in preparation for Hillary’s campaign where he talked about the currently relevant candidates fighting over Iowa.

Bill Clinton has already been on the original Colbert Report, which was on Comedy Central, but most of his travels had consistently been at various political conventions with organizations, such as one he supports which he recently visited, according to the Orange Country Register, which is the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, a group who works to prevent accidental patient deaths and medical errors.

But as this is an election year and as a sign that the Clinton’s might be a threat to Republican’s chances of winning the White House, their conservative base has not only continued to hammer away at Hillary, but has also accelerated their smear campaign against Bill.

For instance, some articles designed to go after Bill Clinton called “hit pieces” have already begun to unravel information about pending lawsuits with the patient safety group for an alleged wrongful firing of a executive.

Recently, Politico reported that Bill Clinton was only temporarily breaking away from campaigning for Hillary to do speeches for organizations that had already given money to his foundation, but as a sign that they have paid it forward, he is not charging. This is something a book called Clinton Cash published through Breitbart has tried to make a scandal out of, that both Hillary and Bill Clinton had been making large amounts of money speaking fees among other money making endeavors and therefore, in the pocket of various conflicts of interest which is covered by an article about the book on CNN.

This is also pointed out because much of this was happening while Hillary was Secretary of State under President Obama.

The Denver Post reports that Bill Clinton made a unannounced visit to Denver last Thursday, which was actually made secret by the Hillary campaign in order to keep journalists and reporters out, which the local Republican group Compass Colorado quickly attacked, tying it into Benghazi according to their site’s press release page.

“It’s clear that Hillary decided it would be best to keep reporters and the public in the dark about Bill’s visit, just as she did during Benghazi and now with the ever-growing secret-email scandal.”

In actuality, much of the attacks against Bill Clinton have already been in the making, such as one The Inquisitr wrote about, where a recent interview with Linda Tripp — who was involved with revealing the relationship between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton to the public — suggested that Hillary knew about the affair and was hiding it along with accusations of sexual assault from thousands of others women over the years.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the Garden of Eden
This image is called Garden of Hedonism where the creator puts Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky at the beginning of the world’s problems. [image by Scott via Flickr / CC BY 2.0]
The initial article was published on right wing media site Breitbart, who according to a write up by Bloomberg about Breitbart News Network’s executive chairman Steve Bannon last year, said he was ready to reveal some real scandals on the Clintons during the first half of the new year.

“We’ve got the 15 best investigative reporters at the 15 best newspapers in the country all chasing after Hillary Clinton.” There’s more coming, Bannon reveals, including a graphic novel of Clinton Cash, in January, and a Clinton Cash movie set to arrive in February, just as the presidential primary voting gets under way.

At this time, there’s no sign of the Clinton Cash movie, but the book Hillary and Bill Clinton has already been discredited by journalists and politicians from both sides of the aisle as too over the top or ridiculous.

Much of the support against these hit campaigns come from very notable names such as Lena Dunham who The Inquisitr also wrote about, apparently showing that she was conflicted on her support for Hillary due to Bill Clinton’s scandal.

Dunham has denied this, but other celebrities have been public about their support for the Clintons. It would appear as well that Bill Clinton himself, was a fan of one late celebrity.

As the Breitbart chairman promised, at the very least, those hit pieces are beginning to trickle in.

[image by LBJ Foundation via Flickr / CC by 2.0]