Zayn Malik on TV draws no cares from Simon Cowell

Zayn Malik TV Interview Coming, But Simon Cowell Does Not Care

Zayn Malik has been surprisingly vocal over the past two months in speaking to the press, and now there are rumors that he will be doing a television interview on January 29. Nevertheless, Simon Cowell does not seem to care about anything Zayn Malik has to say — even if it addresses bad manners.

Simon Cowell relationship drama aside, most fans are chewing their nails to the nub because Unreality TV announced on January 22 that Zayn Malik would appear on “Graham Norton’s chat show … on Friday, January 29 … at 10:35 P.M. on BBC1.”

It is assumed that this is Zayn Malik’s first televised interview since leaving One Direction in March of 2015 — and a solo performance from his upcoming album may be a possibility.

On January 15, Simon Cowell stated in an interview that he was not interested in Zayn Malik’s comments that he made on January 7 to Billboard about One Direction not being touch with him after quitting 1D, according to iTV3.

Simon Cowell does not care if Zayn Malik is unhappy with One Direction
Simon Cowell takes time for fans, but isn’t a fan of Zayn Malik’s comments about how One Direction is distant. (Photo by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images)

Despite this possible diss, on January 22, Simon Cowell allegedly said Zayn Malik will “do well” in his solo career, according to PopCrush.

What Simon Cowell does care about instead of Zayn Malik is Louis Tomlinson’s new baby. The Daily Mail says Zayn Malik might run into Simon Cowell in Los Angeles because Cowell would gladly take on godfather duties — if Louis Tomlinson asked him.

Of course, Simon Cowell is still a huge advocate for the Zayn Malik-free version of One Direction. For instance, according to Sugarscape, Simon Cowell got “emotional” when he saw the video for One Direction’s “History.”

Nevertheless, Zayn Malik might want to stay close to Simon Cowell if he wants to start doing sexy television acting. As it appears, Simon Cowell has been associated with television media that involves steamy scenes — and there might be acting opportunities for Zayn Malik if he decides to go in this direction with his career.

On April 20, 2015, the Guardian discussed the possibility of Zayn Malik becoming an actor — and there were rumors that he had been approached with a movie or television project. Although those plans may not have panned out, if Zayn Malik is still thinking about acting, the Mirror stated on January 9 that Simon Cowell might need actors in the near future.

Apparently, Simon Cowell was “blasted over plans to make Fifty Shades of Grey-style TV drama about sordid sex parties.”

They went on to clarify this with “Syco Entertainment has optioned sex club memoir Behind the Mask. The book, released in 2014, is written by Killing Kittens sex club founder Emma Sayle and co-written by Suzanna Kerins.”

Whether or not Simon Cowell is throwing Zayn Malik shade about being ignored after the One Direction split, Gigi Hadid definitely has Zayn’s back. The Mirror claims that Gigi Hadid has been separated from Zayn Malik during Europe’s fashion week shows during mid-January — but she has been keeping him close to her heart.

In addition to having Zayn Malik as the wallpaper for her phone, Gigi Hadid has also been wearing her “Z” pendant around her neck during the Paris Fashion Week events on January 23.

Simon Cowell is harsh with Zayn Malik sometimes.
Sadly, Simon Cowell’s sense of humor does not always extend to Zayn Malik. (Photo by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images)

When Gigi Hadid gets back to Los Angeles, it is likely that she will share a hamburger with Zayn Malik. Although Zayn Malik recently said she might be too skinny for his tastes in his Billboard interview, Gigi Hadid does not appear to have an appetite problem.

Along with serving up her special hamburger recipe on MasterChef on January 19 to win $25,000 for a Lyme Disease charity, Gigi Hadid has been cooking a burger each week for the past year, according to the Press Telegraph.

As Zayn Malik fans may remember, he is a great cook — and may have gotten this trait from his mother. In 2012, Capital FM quoted Zayn Malik saying “I love samosas filled with mincemeat… My mum makes really great ones” and Niall Horan chimed in with “Zayn’s mum makes such good food. I can eat so much!”

E! Online pointed out in August, 2015, that Zayn Malik is still a lover of home-cooked meals — but now makes them himself.

[Picture by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]