Jessica Alba Captured A Ghost In Instagram Selfie

Jessica Alba is not only a fantastic and talented actress, she is also an esteemed business woman. Alba’s company is called The Honest Company and it sells products that are non-toxic and ethically produced. Jessica Alba recently spoke with Vogue Australia about how her business was at least partly influenced by her time in Australia.

“I did a TV show in Australia for two years, and that’s where I learned about homoeopathy and homoeopathic medicine. And also there are so many natural products and natural things like tea tree oil and all this tea tree-based stuff that came out of Australia, so I would bring that home with me. I learned a lot.”

It seems that Jessica Alba takes good care of herself. Vogue Australia laid out a typical day for Alba.

“She starts with a pre-dawn workout, then she is home in time for breakfast and to see her daughters — Honor, 7, and Haven, 4 — before they head to school. She is at the office by 8.30am when the meetings begin — for products, the new Honest Beauty range, film scripts — and continue on a roughly 45-minute routine throughout the day, often meaning she eats lunch at her desk or mid-meeting, then it’s home to see the girls before bedtime.”

She says it’s tough to get downtime.

“I don’t even have a moment to really look at my emails. If I get a workout in, that’s ‘me-time.'”

But Jessica Alba does have a beauty regimen, which includes something called an LED facemask.

Us Weekly writer Sierra Marquina decided to try to beauty routine after seeing the selfie Alba posted while wearing the LED facemask.

Marquina went to see aesthetician Shani Darden, who works with Jessica Alba and other celebrities, and went through the beauty treatment. In the end, Marquina could report it worked!

Despite her busy schedule, The Indian Express reports that Jessica Alba is amazed that her business is such a success.

“It’s amazing. I pinch myself; I still can’t even believe it’s here, because I felt like I was talking about it for so many years. The fact that I actually turned an idea into an actual thing, and know the responsibility of trying to maintain and grow that into a legitimate business that’s going to be around for hundreds of years, hopefully, that’s another thing completely. So, you know, it’s just one step at a time, chipping away at my goal every day and trying not to get caught up in the challenges and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and moving forward.”

When she does have some off time to hang out and take selfies, it appears Jessica Alba has a knack for capturing strange images in her photos, or in one photo, anyway. Popcrush reports that Alba posted a selfie to Instagram that shows a ghost-like figure in the background to the left.

In her caption, she seems confused by the image.

“I have no idea what that is freaky.”

Well, spooky image aside, all seems right in Jessica Alba’s world. She is busy to be sure. Just a few days ago, she attended the Galvan For Opening Ceremony Dinner in Los Angeles and she is currently taking care of her husband, who needed surgery for a torn Achilles heel recently. However, despite being busy, Jessica Alba is happy and successful and that is all that really matters.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]