Kanye West May Be Devastated If Kim Kardashian Makes This Decision

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are arguably the most popular couple in the world. Currently in her third marriage, Kim has so far managed to use her popularity, mainly sustained by the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show, to rise to financial success, with Celebrity Networth placing it at about $85 million. That said, her vast wealth is also drawn from her gaming apps and endorsements, as well as her salary from KUWTK.

Although many believe that Kim Kardashian was catapulted into fame by her leaked sex tape, she has so far managed to maintain her fans’ attention through posting sexy and sometimes provocative pictures of herself on her social media accounts. As such, her body is fairly important when it comes to her career.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in an Instagram post captioned: "Strolling down Robertson Blvd." [Image via Instagram]
Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in an Instagram post captioned: “Strolling down Robertson Blvd.” [Image via Instagram]
And having borne two children in the last two years, it is understandable if she would want to hold off having a third child to let her body recover. However, holding off seems to be one thing Kanye West supposedly doesn’t want. According to Radar, he is currently pleading with her to not shelve the decision of having baby number three. Apparently, “Kanye thinks she shouldn’t be making any permanent decision about future babies right now because she’s so depressed about her body”.

Kim posts Instagram post of Saint and North West captioned: She said, "He's my best friend." [Image via Twitter]
Kim posts Instagram post of Saint and North West captioned: She said, “He’s my best friend.” [Image via Instagram]
This is according to an insider who spoke to Radar Online. However, it seems that Kim is not for this idea, and is currently seeking to have her tubes tied. Apparently, Kanye wants to continue growing the family, and it would be devastating for him if she actually went ahead with it, as the timing is apparently not right.

Delving briefly into the childbearing problems Kim Kardashian has had to weather during her second pregnancy that may be influencing her decision, she first of all struggled to conceive. She revealed this publicly during an interview with E! in which she said the following:

“It’s been more challenging to get pregnant the second time around. When you’re not planning it, it happens. It’s just how God works. And when you want it so bad, it’s not happening.”

She also said that Kanye had approved her decision to include aspects of the struggle on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to help other women facing the same problem.

However, after conception, she was one hurdle down with the other being the greater risk of childbearing complications. She opened up about the situation in November last year, stating the following according to E Online:

“I have been very open and honest about my pregnancy struggles. This pregnancy, I’m definitely scared for my delivery, but trying my best to be hopeful and not stress out too much!… Last pregnancy, I had a condition called preeclampsia, which is a serious condition you can get during pregnancy. It causes your body and face to swell, and that was very uncomfortable for me. I had early-onset preeclampsia and I had to deliver at 34 weeks, almost six weeks early.”

This may be one of the reasons why she was so conscious about her body during pregnancy number 2. According to Bustle, she was reported to have hired a body double. Apparently, Kris Jenner spilled the beans about her during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in which she said, “[Kim] has a body double… She has somebody come over here and put a prosthesis on like a pregnant person and she makes them try on all of her clothes because she’s too tired to do it.”

This is speculated to be the reason why Kim was on point in maternity wear this time round.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for InStyle]