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Louis Tomlinson: The Calm Before The Media Storm

Louis Tomlinson is rarely out of the gossip columns at present. One Direction star Louis generates thousands of column inches and at times it can seem that media outlets are desperate to write absolutely anything they can about Tomlinson. As One Direction fans are all too well aware it is far from unusual to see just about anything about Tomlinson making headlines. Since the beginning of December, the stories about Tomlinson have followed three main themes.

Since July of last yea,r stories about Louis’ rumored forthcoming fatherhood have been big news. Since the Sun announced that Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth were to become parents, the story has continued to be big news. The story about baby Tomlinson has continued to be a popular news item even though there has been precisely no news about the matter. Neither Tomlinson nor Jungwirth has discussed the matter with the media. There has never been a proper press release, and Louis’ brief comment on Good Morning America is the sum total of actual “from the horse’s mouth” confirmation.

The second big Tomlinson theme is the story that Louis is dating actress Danielle Campbell. Louis and Danielle have been spotted out together on a number of occasions, but the only “evidence” that they are dating came from a grainy mobile phone photograph. The photo purports to show Louis and Danielle kissing whilst on a skiing break in Val D’isere in France. The fact that the photograph originates from a Louis and Danielle “shipping” account that was created just a few days before the photograph cast considerable doubt on its veracity.

The third theme has been a focus on Louis as some kind of “deadbeat dad” and brings the baby Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell stories together. The theme basically says that Louis has abandoned the mother of baby Tomlinson to run off with an actress whilst the mother of his unborn child stays home alone attempting to assemble IKEA furniture by herself.

Recent days have seen something of a lack of stories featuring Louis. The big news broke on Sunday when the Daily Mail reported that “loved up Louis” went to a grocery store with Danielle. As everyone knows all too well, the sign of true love is popping to the grocery store for a case of beer. Of course Louis had been practically invisible for a few days, indicating that he wanted to keep a low-profile. The shots of the grocery store visit showed that some of Louis friends and security team were present at the store.

One does have to wonder how the paparazzi knew where to be and when as Louis and Danielle popped out to the store. Louis could of course have sent one of his team to collect a case of beer from the store. One could almost be tempted to believe that Louis and Danielle’s grocery store trip was a contrived photo opportunity.

If you thought that Louis’ grocery store visit was the non-story of the year to date, then wait up there is more to come. Eagle-eyed reporters have spotted that Louis and Danielle posted photographs in their Instagram accounts that prove beyond doubt that they have found true love: or not.

Louis posted a picture of a football sitting on the beach.


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Meanwhile Danielle also posted a photograph of a beach. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Louis and Danielle were together when the shots were taken. There is nothing to suggest that Louis and Danielle were on the same continent much less the same beach but that doesn’t stop J-14 from claiming that the photos are evidence of Louis and Danielle having a “beach date.”

Perfect ❤️

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With the lack of real news about Tomlinson at present, you could be forgiven for believing that the media is currently sitting in the eye of a baby Tomlinson shaped storm.

Recent photographs have been posted on social media purporting to show Briana in the final stages of her pregnancy so it is beginning to feel like we are about to discover the “end-game” so far as that story is concerned. One Direction fans wait to see how the baby Tomlinson story concludes and how Louis will be portrayed.

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