Jep and Jessica Robertson

Jessica And Jep Robertson’s Adoption Details Revealed: Find Out About The New ‘Duck Dynasty’ Baby

Tomorrow night on A&E fans of Duck Dynasty will get to see a new show called Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty. This show is all about this couple’s journey to adopt a child and viewers can’t be more excited to see it. The thing is nobody wants to wait on the show to get the details and you can find out now about the new baby that Jep and Jessica Robertson have added to their family. Country Rebel shared the details of the new baby boy that Jep and Jessica have brought into their home.

The couple announced that they were adopting a baby boy. This journey took a while for Jep and Jessica Robertson though and things were not as easy as they had hoped for it to be. Jessica shared that they thought they were going to bring a baby home and it just didn’t work out for them, which of course was heartbreaking for Jep and Jessica. Luckily that was not the end of the road, though because Jessica and Jep were able to adopt a son.

Jessica and Jep Robertson were picked to adopt this little boy right after he was born. They already have four children at home Lily, Merriett, Priscilla, and River. They shared that River was really excited to not be the only boy at home anymore.

Jessica actually shared the reason that Jep and Jessica Robertson made the decision to adopt a child, even though they already have four at home.

“I think the past few years with Duck Dynasty our eyes have been opened and we’ve seen a lot of kids that are in need. I think that was a life-changer for Jep, is to see these kids who have nothing. Like they would get a toothbrush and they would just cry over that…I think knowing that we can make a difference and take a child in that maybe would never have a mommy or daddy, you’re changing a child’s life forever. And he’s going to change our life forever.”

Jep and Jessica Robertson are not the first couple from the show Duck Dynasty to adopt. Willie and Korie Robertson have already adopted in the past and just announced that they are adopting another child. This time it is a 13-year-old boy that has been living with them for a while now. It just fits that Jep would decide to add to his family by adoption as well.

At this time, Jep and Jessica Robertson have not been sharing a lot about their new adopted baby boy. That is more than likely because they knew the show was coming and the Robertson’s want to let the fans see it all play out on the show. Viewers should get to see how this has affected the family and get to know their new son.

For Every Mom did share what few details are out about Jessica and Jep Robertson’s new show and adoption. It was not near as easy as they had hoped to adopt and they did get a son who was an infant at the time. Viewers are going to just have to watch the show to find out everything about their new son and everyone can’t wait to see it all be revealed.

Are you excited to watch the new show Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty? Don’t miss this new show on Wednesday nights on A&E and sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Jep and Jessica Robertson’s recent adoption.

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