'RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Claims One Of Her Costars 'Sold Her Soul To The Devil' [Image via Bravo]

‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna Claims One Of Her Costars ‘Sold Her Soul To The Devil’

The drama between Lisa Rinna and her co-stars on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues to ramp up this season. During the latest episode of the hit reality series, viewers watched as Rinna had an encounter with newcomer Kathryn Edwards. Apart from catching up with her old friend, Rinna had more than a few words to share about her new co-star.

According to ET Online, Rinna and Edwards first met when the former worked on the ’90s soap Days of Our Lives. However, the two have not been in contact over with each other, and their meeting in the last episode of RHOBH marked the first time they’ve mingled together in years.

For Rinna, the unexpected meeting wasn’t ideal. In fact, her comments following the brief reunion reveal that more drama is definitely on the way between her and Edwards.

“She’s either sold her soul to the devil, or she has some sort of special cocktail that she drinks, because she looks exactly the same,” Rinna shared before flipping off the camera.

Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards, both newbies to the 'RHOBH.' [Image via Bravo]
Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards, both newbies to the ‘RHOBH.’ [Image via Bravo]
As if her meeting with Edwards wasn’t enough, Lisa Rinna continued to stir up drama over the weekend. For starters, the reality star poked fun at Yolanda Foster with a post to Instagram. Rinna’s post included a photo of her posing in bed without wearing any makeup.

Lisa Rinna's make-up free selfie. [Image via Instagram]
Lisa Rinna’s make-up free selfie. [Image via Instagram]
“Me. Sunday,” she wrote alongside the image.

While Rinna’s post might seem innocent enough, Foster had posted a very similar image to her Instagram account just prior to Rinna’s. In the photo, Foster is seen lying in bed without any makeup, indicating that Rinna’s post was intended to poke fun at Foster’s personal moment.

“Just because some ppl are done with your journey, doesn’t mean your journey is done…” Foster wrote.

Fans were quick to pick up insult, with some commenting that Rinna was overtly making fun of Foster. At the same time, Too Fab is reporting that most fans did not think that Rinna’s joke was funny, with some expressing their dislike with the reality star’s actions.

Yolanda Foster's make-up free selfie. [Image via Instagram]
Yolanda Foster’s make-up free selfie. [Image via Instagram]
In addition to her social media dish on Foster, Rinna is also taking stabs at Erica Jayne. According to Star Pulse, Rinna stated that Erika’s latest music video was “raunchy” and not done in good taste. While some of her fellow co-stars agreed with her take on the matter, Rinna has since backtracked on her words.

In a recent post on her Bravo blog, Rinna expressed her dislike with how the episode went down, and reprimanded herself for being too hard on Jayne.

“This episode was a bit much with the judgments and interrogations and unsolicited advice, don’t you think? Hello. How does someone who has posed not only once but TWICE for Playboy have any right to pass judgment on Erika’s career?” Ring wrote. “Shame on me for even going there.”

Lisa Rinna went on to admit that she had “googled” Jayne prior to ever meeting her, which gave her a false impression of her co-star. However, despite what she uncovered in her internet search, Rinna stated that she is now “an Erika Jayne fan… So much so, that I cringed just now watching my reaction to Erika before I met her. Erika is fabulous. I know it. She knows it. And now the world knows it!”

While her relationship with Jayne may be on the upswing, Rinna has a long ways to go before things between her and Foster get better. Furthermore, things between Rinna and Edwards are likely to follow the same path if Rinna’s initial reaction to Edward’s appearance on the show is of any indication.

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