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Kyra Sedgwick Bids Farewell to TNT’s ‘The Closer’

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good things must come to an end.

Actress Kyra Sedgwick is wrapping up her seventh and final season as L.A. Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on TNT’s hit crime drama The Closer.

The show, which made its debut in 2005 and since has become one of cable television’s most popular drama series, is heading in to it’s final six episodes before we say goodbye to the LAPD deputy chief best known for uncanny ability to break some of toughest criminals.

The Detroit News reports that while Sedgwick, 46, says she has enjoyed all the sleep she’s getting now that filming of the show has wrapped, she also feels fans’ pain when they come up to her and explain their disappointment that her character is leaving the show.

“It’s so sweet. I feel the same way. I really do,” said Sedgwick during a recent phone interview with the Detroit News, adding that she knows why loyal viewers are so saddened. “When I agreed to do the show, it was very much apparent even in the pilot, that she’d be a real person people could relate to. And real people have a lot of self doubt and real people are strong and vulnerable. Her contradictions are what made her so interesting and what made her so real. And I think that people like to see themselves reflected, especially on television.”

Fortunately, Sedwick’s exit from The Closer doesn’t mark the end of the series itself.

Upon Kyra’s departure, Mary McDonnell’s character, Sharon Raydor, will take command of Brenda’s squad and the series will continue under the name “Major Crimes.”

As for the new series, creator James Duff explains:

“In “Major Crimes, the LAPD joins forces with the district attorney’s office to get convictions in murder cases strong enough to cut down the expense of trying murder cases. “‘The Closer’ ended with a confession. We now end with a conviction.”

“The Closer” returns tonight (July 9) at 9pm on TNT for its final six episodes while Major Crimes is all set to debut on Aug. 13, immediately following the final “Closer,” and will pick up some of the threads.

Readers: Are you a fan of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer? Are you planning on catching Major Crimes when it premiers next month?

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16 Responses to “Kyra Sedgwick Bids Farewell to TNT’s ‘The Closer’”

  1. Anonymous

    Big fan of the show, hate to see it end. Great writers and actors. The best.

  2. Linda Guyse

    I have no words to describe losing my girl, Brenda Johnson, but I do understand that all good things must end. I wish Mrs. Bacon nothing but the best and hope to see her soon on tv and/or the movies. I do plan on continuing to watch the gang she's leaving behind and have already marked my calendar for Major Crimes. The remaining actors are really fun to watch. I want to see what happens with them. Good writing, good acting are hard to come by.

  3. Luz Dalia Rivera

    I never understood why the cast of the closer did not get at least an emmy for best ensamble. I love them all and their chemistry and performances. All of them are great. Specially Provenza.

  4. Cookie Dorsey

    The Closer is the best and I live my life around the show. Kyra is a GREAT actress. I plan to watch Major Crimes, but if it can't touch Kyra I'm out of here. But I'm sure it might, I've grown to like Sharon. Good luck everyone, Kyra I'll miss you! : )

  5. Fran Flotard

    I will miss the closer and Brenda Johnson. I hope to see Brenda come as a guest star on Major Crimes. Kyra will be missed by a lot of fans. Good Luck to Kyra in everything she does.

  6. Ray Watters

    Ms. McDonnell has done a awesome job on "The Closure" and I am sure "Major Crimes" will do well with the great cast. Of course, I am sorry to see Kyra go and totally understand it from an artistic view.

  7. Sadie Heldberg

    It’s sad Linda, to see the best female detective ever, leave the show permanently. I've never been a fan of the actress playing Capt. Raydor in the upcoming “Major Crimes:”, but what confuses me even more is why the cast of "The Closer" remains while the star disappears into the night? My friend and colleague from Dish, and I are both die hard Kyra Sedgwick fans frustrated by the idea of a show without Sedgwick, but with Mary McDonnell who has never played a gregarious character in her life. We’ve decided to rent seasons from Blockbuster @Home and watch the show’s ‘true team’ again; there have been plenty of episodes that will make re-watching the series using Blockbuster @Home's home streaming fun, especially with my friend who will definitely love the idea. Good-bye Detective Brenda Leigh Johnson, you will be missed!

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