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Teacher Wants One Direction To Help Teach Kids To Reach For Their Dreams

One Direction are one of the most popular bands on the planet. In five short years, One Direction have redefined the pop music industry and gone from X-factor hopefuls to global superstars. One Direction have shown that, with hard work and a mindset that leaves no room for giving up, you can not only chase your dreams, you can catch them too. By any measure, One Direction’s success has been nothing short of incredible. In five years One Direction have completed four major world tours, scored five number one albums and played shows to many millions of people. One Direction’s story shows that you can achieve your dreams if you have the courage and will to follow them.

One Direction have not only made their own dreams come true they have helped to make dreams come true for many other people too. Just last week it was reported in Inquisitr how One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has worked with charities to help make dreams come true for the families of very sick children. Put simply, One Direction have become a huge inspiration to millions of people, a fact not lost on Indiana school teacher Shelby Toll.

Miss Toll is a special education teacher who works with children with a range of special needs. Many of her children have had a tough start in life, are dealing with conditions like autism, and have a low sense of self-worth. Miss Toll is trying to teach her kids to reach for the stars, to glory in life and, like One Direction, to follow their dreams.


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Miss Toll is a One Direction fan who has a nurturing relationship with her students, they trust her and confide in her and know about her musical passion. As a result the kids have challenged miss Toll to show that dreams come true by achieving one of her own dreams, to make contact with One Direction. Shelby would love to meet One Direction but is realistic in her ambitions and would just love to see One Direction make some kind of contact with her kids.

“My students can often get down on themselves, we talk about how just because they are struggling right now, doesn’t mean they have to give up on their dreams. If I could get One Direction to reach out to my students it would boost their self-esteem and show the that even in the toughest of times they can achieve their dreams.”

As a result of trying to help students realise that dreams can come true miss Toll has set up a project website hoping that a member of One Direction will notice it and reach out to her kids.

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As the Mail pointed out back in August, One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were incredibly generous with both their cash and their time when supporting children’s charity Believe In Magic. Shelby Toll is hoping that the massive generosity of spirit that One Direction members show through their charitable efforts will extend to her students.

She hopes that One Direction would read at least one letter from the project and acknowledge her students. By doing so she believes that One Direction could have a massively beneficial effect on the children’s live by boosting their sense of self-worth and believing that dreams can come true.

“One Direction is important in my students’ lives. Listening to their music allows my students to unwind from a stressful day. One Direction’s music makes them smile and happy even on the worst of days. One Direction has allowed my students to work on their social skills and make friends. One Direction has allowed me to make a connection with my students and build a bridge of trust.”

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