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Jax Taylor Speaks Out About Hawaii Arrest On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Tonight on a new episode of Vanderpump Rules, everyone found out about Jax Taylor’s arrest in Hawaii during the previews. This will not air until next week, though. Jax was picked up on a felony for stealing sunglasses while they were on the trip. After the show was over, Jax Taylor actually appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and he talked all about the arrest and a few other things. Jax also shared that he never really meant he wanted to sleep with Lala and just wanted that to get back to James, plus shared that he is still dating Brittany Cartwright. Remember that this was all filmed a little over six months ago.

Jax Taylor talked all about the arrest and gave his side of the story. This is really the first time that Jax has shared this much information about it. He explained that he actually went into this store without wearing any shoes at all. Jax said that they had been drinking all day long already. He explained that he walked into the store and was totally hammered. Jax says he intended to pay for the sunglasses and even had the money in his hand, but he just didn’t pay for them. Jax did say it was embarrassing though.

Back when Jax Taylor actually got arrested, the surveillance camera from the store was revealed. This showed fans exactly what happened when Jax was accused of stealing the sunglasses. It did show that Jax simply went into the store, checked out the sunglasses and went out of the store with them in his hand. Jax didn’t try to hide them or anything, but simply walked out of the store with the glasses in his hand. The sunglasses were worth $300 and everyone knows that Jax could afford a pair that cost that much with his income from the show.

Jax Taylor even went to his Twitter page tonight to make sure that Brittany knows how great she is and how much he is into her. These two have been together for 10 months now and things do seem to be going great for them. Jax doesn’t see these two splitting any time soon.

Andy Cohen asked Jax Taylor if he feels bad that Brittany has to watch the show. Jax does feel bad about it, but says that they are really good. He also shared that Brittany is now working as a bartender, but didn’t say if it was at Sur or not. It does look like Jax might have finally found his match, which would be great. Brittany made the move to California just to be with Jax and moved in with him immediately when she got there.

Jax Taylor has been through his fair share of women, but it does look like he is settling down now. Previews also showed that his ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder is coming back to the show very soon, which is pretty surprising considering everyone thought Stassi was gone for good.

Are you shocked to hear Jax Taylor’s version of what happened in Hawaii? Do you think that he really meant to pay for the sunglasses? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the new episode of Vanderpump Rules with Jax Taylor’s arrest next Monday night on Bravo. This is the episode that you do not want to miss for sure.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Chevrolet Volt]