Trevor Noah Makes A Well-Received Joke About The Flint Water Crisis

Trevor Noah’s ratings may be dangerously low, but that hasn’t stopped him from improving his act and attempting to gain an audience. Mr. Noah made a well-received joke about the water in Flint, Michigan. Deadline Detroit quotes Noah’s joke from The Daily Show.

“I have a very simple rule in life: If the water is browner than me, then I don’t drink it. Do you understand how crazy this is right now? To save money they stopped getting treated water and they went with the cheaper water that burns through lead pipes, to save money, really?”

Trevor Noah has been trying to win audiences over after his ratings on 'The Daily Show' took a dump late in 2015. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]
Trevor Noah has been trying to win audiences over after his ratings on ‘The Daily Show’ took a dump late in 2015. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]
Noah added that its like replacing air bags with balloons. He also said that it would have only cost $100 a day to fix the problem. His joke received a great response from The Daily Show audience members. Twitter laughed at his joke as well.

Trevor Noah recently spoke to Connecticut Mag about his stint on The Daily Show. He says the whole experience has been a roller coaster.

“Sometimes it feels like I’ve been there a week or it feels like I’ve been there for years because it’s a constant learning experience. [I’m working to] build a relationship between myself and the people watching and myself and the people I work with. Two months seems like a long time but in the length of a late night show, it’s just a speck. “

The time leading up to the premiere was an especially hard time for Mr. Noah. He said that it was so crazy because it was such hard work and he barely had time to come up for air. He says that the jokes are the easy part, but finds being factually correct and being fair a bit more difficult.

Trevor Noah was asked why it is important for him to keep doing stand-up while he is on the show.

“Stand-up has always been the place I exist in. Within reason, I pick times that I can get on stage and perform and interact with people on a direct level…It’s a great excuse for me to see America. I like to see the place I’m living in, not just talking about it from a distant perspective. I can say I know people there.”

Further on in the interview, Noah says that that there is a lot that will be happening on The Daily Show that he is looking forward to and that he is still finding his voice on the show. Part of that voice is ripping apart Republican presidential candidates. Trevor Noah recently had a segment with Seth Meyers about how Ben Carson’s campaign will end.

Both predicted a sad and anti-climactic end to Carson’s faltering presidential campaign. Meyers suggested that Carson’s demeanor was so quiet that he might forget to announce that he’s dropped out of the race. Trevor Noah suggested that Ben Carson would not actually drop out, but everyone would forget he was running.

Trevor Noah is under a lot of pressure and hopes his show won’t get cancelled. He does have a lot of fans and is clearly making an effort to make The Daily Show appeal to more people. How do you think Trevor Noah is performing on The Daily Show? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]