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‘Dragon’s Dogma’ On PC Receives Server Side Fix For Gifting Between Players

Now that Capcom’s fantasy RPG Dragon’s Dogma is on PC, the game is reaching even more players. The open world epic released just last week for the PC, and although the launch has mostly been smooth, a few issues have reared their ugly heads. One issue stemmed from the player traded Pawns in the game. Specifically, released Pawns were not returning with their gifts or Rift Crystals after being used. Luckily, this issue is already resolved, according to Capcom’s post on the Steam Announcement page.

In Dragon’s Dogma, players create their player character and another called a Pawn. This Pawn acts as the player character’s companion whose only devotion is to the player. Players not only create the appearance of the Pawn, they also dictate the way the Pawn acts in combat by varying Pawn Inclinations. An Inclination can be set at Pawn creation, but a Pawn will learn for their travels and battles. Depending on how a main Pawn is used, its Inclination will change. These Inclinations can further be controlled with certain elixirs and by sitting down with a main Pawn at the Knowledge Chair.

Dragon's Dogma
The Arisen and Pawns must be ready for anything [Image via Capcom]
While the main Pawn is one that the player creates, hired Pawns are available to fill the extra two slots in the party in Dragon’s Dogma. Hired pawns are generally other players’ main Pawns adding an interesting layer of non-social interaction between players in this single-player game. A main Pawn can be rented to another player for a sum of Rift Crystals, or for free if the two players are friends, which will then adventure with the new player. Everything a Pawn experiences while in the employ of another player will benefit their Arisen upon return. Any new monster habits, quest locations, and other facts learned will be revealed to the main Pawn’s owner upon release.

Dragon Dogma
A cyclops is just one of the many massive enemies in Dragon Dogma [Image via Capcom]
At the time of release, the player renting the Pawn has the option to send along a gift to the main Pawn’s owner. Additionally, the main Pawn’s owner will receive a number of Rift Crystals for their Pawn’s use by another player. Unfortunately, this is where a bug occurred in the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma, somewhat temporarily flawing the Pawn system. Rented Pawns were not returning with the knowledge, Rift Crystals, or their gifts if one was given by the renter. After all, Rift Crystals are of great importance in the Dark Arisen section of the game, and the ratings and learned knowledge a Pawn receives is quite handy.

Today, though, Capcom notified players via the Steam News page for Dragon’s Dogma that the issue has been resolved. Pawns should now return with the appropriate experience and goods; however, the fix may take a few hours to completely rectify. Due to the game’s “cool-off” period, Pawns may not start to positively return immediately. Rather, players may have to wait between 12 and 24 hours to see results. Other bugs and problems persist, like an infinite loading screen for Windows 10 beta users, but the root of that problem has been identified.

If any issue pops up for PC players on Dragon’s Dogma, they can post their problem to the bug reporting thread on the Steam Discussion page. A few troubleshooting steps are also present in the post for additional aid. Not to mention, a list of requested information is also posted for players that need support.

Dragon’s Dogma on PC supports a wealth of new features differing itself from the console version. Uncapped framerate, 4K support, new hot key functions, and much more are a part of the PC port, according to the Capcom blog. Additionally, the game is just $30 on Steam, making it quite the bargain since it contains the Dark Arisen expansion. Check out the game’s Steam page for more information or to purchase this popular RPG.

[Image via Capcom]