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Paul LePage: Maine Gov. Compares IRS to Nazis, Blasts ObamaCare

Paul LePage calls IRS Nazis

Paul LePage is clearly not happy with the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act.

The Maine governor used his weekly radio address to blast the ruling, which he said “made America less free,” the Portland Press Herald reported. LePage also said the requirement that Americans purchase health insurance or risk paying a penalty (known to Republicans as a tax) turned the IRS into the “new Gestapo.”

Maine Democrats noted that comparing legislation extending health insurance coverage to all Americans to one of the most ruthless forces behind the Holocaust was just a little extreme. The Gestapo were Nazi Germany’s secret police force, which operated under Adolph Hitler with authority to imprison and murder thousands of people without cause.

“We’ve come to expect a bunch of nonsense from Gov. LePage, but this is a step too far,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Ben Grant. “There appears now to be no limit to the extreme language he will use to misinform, degrade and insult people. Somebody needs to explain to him that he’s the governor of a state, and not a talk radio host. I demand a full apology on behalf of all those who suffered at the hands of the real Gestapo.”

LePage also became the latest in a string of Republican governors who refused to implement all or part of ObamaCare. He said Maine won’t take any action on insurance exchanges, which are marketplaces where individuals can shop for health insurance from private companies, until the $800 million needed to pay for them passes Congress, the Portland Press Herald reported.

“With these looming uncertainties circling around this issue, Maine cannot move forward right now with Obamacare,” LePage said.

The Tea Party-backed governor is not a stranger to controversial remarks, The Huffington Post noted. During his 2010 run for governor, he vowed to tell Pres. Obama to “go to hell,” and in 2011 he skipped an NAACP event honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day, saying that the organization could “kiss his butt.”

Do you think Paul LePage went too far with his “Gestapo” comment?

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5 Responses to “Paul LePage: Maine Gov. Compares IRS to Nazis, Blasts ObamaCare”

  1. Gerald Jones

    Good to see a Governor stand up for truth. It is about time our politicians stand up against the Gestapo in this country. This country under our sick bird (illegal) president is loosing freedom after freedom. Obama ought to be tried for TREASON. He is UNAMERICAN. Nothing he does is legal. The country is bankrupt and this illegal president just wants to enslave more working and/or retired Americans to pay for his "government programs". These programs of hiring more Gestapo agents is set up to destroy the America we served in the Military to protect. We swore to defend the Constitution against enemy, foreign and domestic. There are many of us who have served in the Military understand that Obama is against the Constitution of this once Great Country, and thus is a TRAITOR. Please let us see more politicians stand up for the Constitution and get this Country back on track! Good Going Governor LePage!

  2. Lyn Swan

    Governor LePage and many others seem to forget that they also represent those who do not agree with their views. Name calling does not get the job done. We must find some mid ground, or tear this country apart. Do we really want to go there? I don't believe that we do.

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