Beauty Trends For 2016: Botox Creams, Pressed Serums And Fillers

Now that 2016 is here, it’s always interesting to take a journey through the best-selling beauty products on Amazon, or see what beauty experts are buzzing about in Google News. One of those new buzz terms is “pressed serum,” which is a hybrid cream — sort of a mix between a serum and a moisturizer. According to The Gloss, the best part about pressed serums is that they still contain the potent ingredients of a serum, while also containing the moisturizing benefits of a moisturizer.

On Instagram, the pressed serum hashtag is just getting started, with nearly 30 posts on the social media site about the subject. The advantages of pressed serums are that they make it possible to skip a step in the beauty routine by combining it into one step. Instead of slathering on a serum that contains Vitamin C or some other acid designed to exfoliate and refresh the skin, and then waiting until it dries to apply a moisturizer, the pressed serums “press” those two steps into one step.

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While many folks have heard of Botox injections applied beneath the skin in order to relax muscles — usually in the forehead — now comes Botox contained in facial serums. Lest a person think that Botox shots are the domain of 40-somethings and older, in 2016 and beyond, even twenty-somethings are indulging in Botox shots to prevent wrinkles.

According to Harpers Bazaar, Botox isn’t just appearing in syringes to be injected beneath the skin in cosmetic centers or doctor’s offices, but Botox is also showing up in creams like the BoLC A+ Botulinum Polypeptide-1 Facial Serum, which costs $200, and is available at The publication explains that the Botox serum effects take longer to visualize — maybe after three or four weeks — as opposed to the five or seven days until the effects of Botox shots can be seen.

The topical Botox arms race. Lots of products promise Botox and filler-like effects, but none actually come close to competing with injections—until now, perhaps. While we’ve been making progress on a topical gel called RT001 in the U.S., a Korean company called Midaskin claims to have it on the market. The product is called BoLC A+ and Yoon believes it’s a breakthrough: “It’s essentially the very first product on the market that uses botulinum, the same as the Botox that you’re getting in the doctor’s office. 95% of the amino acids are the same as the Botox that is being injected (the 5% difference is from the difference between an injectable versus a topical product). It’s patented and exclusive to this brand and the ingredient has officially been accepted by INCI as a cosmetic ingredient.” Unlike the effects of Botox injections, which can be seen in five to seven days on average, clinical trials of BoLC show results after three to four weeks. “Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly improved and there is an overall—very natural but noticeable—lifting effect,” says Yoon.

On Amazon, the best-selling beauty product lists prove that Vitamin C serums are still ruling the roost, well into 2016. Products reportedly containing Vitamin C with hyaluronic acid promise to improve the appearance of wrinkles and help with anti-aging issues. With thousands of customer reviews attached to these serums on Amazon, users debate the effectiveness of the serums and whether or not they actually fade age spots, improve skin damage from the sun and help do away with dark circles under the eyes.

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With all these new and existing 2016 beauty trends, beauty lovers will be fascinated to see which ones remain and the trends that fall by the wayside. Bazaar provides an understanding of the different types of dermal fillers that also seem to remain popular into 2016.

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