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Gummy Bear Dress Debuts In Tvelv Magazine

gummy bears dress

What would you do with 50,000 gummy bears? If you said eat them, you’re obviously not the editor-in-chief of Tvelv Magazine. Hissa Igarashi and fashion editor Sayuri Marakum recently created a gummy bear dress for the inaugural print issue of the new magazine.

According to MTV, the dress is made out of 50,000 gummy bears and weighs more than 220 pounds. The gummy bears were glued onto a wire frame around model Jessica Pitti.

The dress was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s rainbow dress.

Sayuri Marakumi told PSFK:

“[We] wanted to create something very unique in honor of McQueen and his legacy. [We] thought of doing the homage with inspiration from this dress as it fit well with [the] idea of using the gummy bears; very colorful. The gummy bears serve as a unique, creative, and colorful way of expressing such an idea and emotion.”

But unlike McQueen’s famous “Parrot Dress,” Marakumi’s creation won’t be headed for the red carpet anytime soon. The dress, which took about three weeks to make, is very heavy and reportedly takes three people to move.

Here’s a photo of Alexander McQueen’s Rainbow Dress.

alexander mcqueen

Here’s the gummy bear dress.

gummy bear dress

What do you think of the gummy bears dress? Would you wear or eat 50,000 gummy bears?

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11 Responses to “Gummy Bear Dress Debuts In Tvelv Magazine”

  1. Baba Booey

    I thik this woman needs to start eating the dress to but on some weight,

  2. Anonymous

    The irony being that if she ate the dress, she wouldn't be able to fit in it.

  3. Anonymous

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