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Mitt Romney VP Rumors: Condi Rice Might Still Get the Nod

Could Mitt Romney pick Condi Rice as his running mate?

Though Mitt Romney’s running-mate in the 2012 election is still a mystery, some commentators think he might pull a McCain ’08 and pick a woman as his VP. If he does, reports suggest it ain’t going to be Sarah Palin this time around – Romney is eyeballing Condoleezza Rice.

Most political analysts are saying that Romney is most likely to pick someone of the Ryan-Rubio-Portman-Pawlenty persuasion to be his running mate, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is reportedly being vetted for a potential nod, but a little tease from Mitt’s wife Ann that a woman was under consideration prompted a collective furrowed-brow from pundits with Bill Kristol thinking former secretary of state Condi Rice.

“Who’s the woman?” Kristol writes in an op-ed for The Weekly Standard. “It could be Kelly Ayotte or New Mexico governor Susana Martinez. But as much as I like both of them, I suspect Mitt Romney will see them as risky picks, lacking sufficient high-level government experience to unequivocally answer the question of whether they’d be qualified to take over,” Asserting confidently, “No, the woman Ann Romney likely has in mind is Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state.”

Rice would add a few interesting boosts to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Juan Williams opined that Rice would be a “political game changer for the 2012 race,” following early rumors of a VP nod. “She would be the first African-American woman to be on a major party’s presidential ticket, at a time when the GOP is losing ground with minority and female voters,” he wrote in an op-ed for Fox. Conservatives love her too, with Red State stressing “Condi is the right person for the number two place on the ticket.”

“Rice is qualified,” continues Kristol, “would be a poised (if novice) candidate, and would complement Romney in terms of area of expertise, gender (obviously!), and life experience. Rice offers an unusual combination of being at once a reassuring pick (she served at the highest levels of the federal government for eight years) and an exciting one.”

Kristol was also careful to mention he’s not campaigning for Rice: “I’m not advocating the selection of Rice. I’m just reading the tea leaves, and the biggest tea leaf out there right now is Ann Romney’s comment. It makes sense to take Ann Romney seriously. Cherchez la femme!”

Here’s a video of Condoleezza Rice being interviewed by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren. Do you think she has the woman-stones to make a good VP for Romney? Would her selection change the campaign or would it fall flat like McCain’s Palin-pick back in 2008? Sound off below!

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33 Responses to “Mitt Romney VP Rumors: Condi Rice Might Still Get the Nod”

  1. Chas Holman

    Look, I am just a bit older than Mitt, and was born and raised LDS (Mormon).

    Like me, Mitt is old school.. unlike me, Mitt takes this stuff very seriously.

    When Mitt and I were kids (Ironically I was born in Detroit, my parents went to the same Church (but not ward) and my mother used to watch some of the Romney klan in our home), we were taught that not only were people of color sinners in a past life, and had ZERO chance of getting to the Celestial Kingdom unless they came back in the next life less sin free and white, but that women were subservient to men.

    To this day there is NOT one person in power in the LDS church that is a woman.. NOT ONE.

    We were taught that there will be a great Mormon leader in the presidency days preceding the second coming, this will be the sign it is happening.

    There is NO WAY Mitt is going to have a minority or a woman a heartbeat away from leadership under his watch..


  2. Ann Moynihan

    Is the fact that romney supporters have cooled to their presidential candidate because he just isn't out there among the people or if he is, we don't see him, the reason why no-one has commented here. We are outsiders living in another country, but we were avid followers and supporters, but now, we're bored. We want Mitt to be out there being seen with normal people, having brekkie with normal people, sitting down and talking with normal people, commenting on every media outlet – especially tv, but newspapers, magazines etc will also do, how he's the best candidate for President. But all we see are advertisements from super pacs, and delayed responses to issues. He needs to make a run NOW as people are making up their minds already and at this stage, we think, because all we see is Obama, that Obama is getting the attention. Mitt has presented his, what is it again – his 59? point plan. HAMMER HOME 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 of those points. Who can be bothered with 59 points? Who are his campaign organizers? Do they have any clues? If we, who were hard-out supporters during the primaries and up until more recently, are now bored and are sick of waiting for some hard-hitting. fist-thumping, fighting words from Mitt personally, not sure if anyone else really cares anymore. Put some blacks in the mix – not necessarily Condoleeza, just anyone and lots of them; even some hispanics oranyone else of color. Whatever, whoever, just get some sparks into the campaign. It's gotta be done NOW. WE ARE GETTING BORED AND GIVING UP FAST! We need the fire and sparks that Rubio brings. Get him onboard already. PLEASE, MITT, employ some campaign people that know how to run successful campaigns. Not sure you have the right people out there because they're not firing up enthusiasm anywhere. Too many opportunities have been allowed to go begging. Get in first on current concerns. Don't always be playing catch-up. It's not a nice place to be in, even in sport, so ATTACK, FIGHT, BE IN THEIR FACE and NOW. There's still time, but it sure is running out fast. Put out key issues in a short, sharp, and succinct way. Leave the details for interviews in a studio and for when you're president! Just saying!

  3. Kc Heylin

    Nothing would make me happier than to see her as Romney's VP. Inobstensibly qualified and brilliant; charismatic because she ISN'T a politician yet possesses such great knowledge, grace, class and integrity. Would be pretty impossible to attack her on key points regardless of your political persuasion.

  4. Coleen Cichoski

    Not because she is a minority and not because she is a woman, but because she embodies all that is best about America and the American dream fulfilled – YES to a ROMNEY/RICE ticket!

  5. Ann Moynihan

    Hey Chas, I'm so glad that all these things you were taught in your area as a child did not filter down to us here in New Zealand. Can you please give me the scriptural source for your declarations about there being a great Mormon leader in the presidency preceding the second coming, blacks coming back as sinless whites, and that women were subservient to men. I have never felt subservient, ever! We have had women running our country and companies since forever, and speaking for myself, my role as president of our Relief Society organization is quite enough leadership for me on top of my secondary school teaching responsibilities with my shared roll of parent and grandparent to keep me busy till the Second Coming! As for the major misconceptions about blacks and the reasons speculated for why they did not receive the priesthood during a sad period in the churches history, I think the most recent statement from the first presidency of the church about that issue may be found on the church's official site surely should suffice.

  6. Ann Moynihan

    Can't believe that there's always someone out there who can bring a decent discussion down to the pits! Why is there such an obsession about anyone's underwear? For crying out loud. Move on already to the real issues of your country, which surely must be to do with the sad state of the economy, education, immigration, welfare to name just a few.

  7. Cynthia Hatch Wendel

    I would also vote for her and Mit based strictly on their morals and what they have represented thus far. I don't need to know anything about their underwear thank you very much…..

  8. Anonymous

    There is NO comparison of the consideration of Condi Rice as VP to the faux pas of the selection of that goofball Palin by a foolish McCain 4 years ago. This woman is the real deal. She has the experience, qualifications and intelligence to be a very viable VP candidate and would compliment this ticket perfectly! Would be a very smart choice for Gov. Romney and might just propel him to the White House!

  9. Jeffery McDowell

    I'm tired of everyone jumping on the band wagon that Palin was a disastrous VP pick for McCain… the truth is that Palin is the reason McCain even got the lift… go back and look at all the polls and listen to the pundits… Palin was risky but certainly the right one to take! She energized the base, solidified the voters…it was the Presidential candidate that couldn't carry the day! About this story… yes, I like and appreciate Condi very much but she would be a terrible choice because of her pro-choice stance, plain and simple. The conservative base would be split and Romney's decision to pick Rice would be much more "controversial" and "risky" than a Palin choice ever was! Romney is vanilla to the core, he'll pick vanilla for his running mate (not speaking about skin color here but playing it safe)… Portman possibly Pawlenty… very doubtful Rubio and certainly absolutely guarantee you that it WILL NOT be Condi Rice. So move on from this story…

  10. Anonymous

    There is almost no reputable pundit who agrees with you, including Romney's advisors. Just read almost every story out there and those interviewed about the subject, and it is near unanimous that Palin hurt McCain. Correct, Palin helped with many social conservatives, but they vote anyway, whether energized or not, and they vote Republican anyways as well. But Palin hurt the ticket with the swing voters, which is the 20% that matters most in a general election. Look it up — I speak the truth. The only handful of folks who defend Palin do it because they don't like the idea of a social conservative being blamed.

  11. PaulaKate Prince-Meserole

    Condolezza Rice as the Vice President of the United States of America would be wonderful.

    She is well known and well respected.

    Condoleeza Rice would bring her considerable experience and valuable expertise back to the White House for the benefit of America as well as the world and with her history of having been the "Secretary of State, she would bring her priceless experience to the table, of one who has successfully done the near impossible job of foreign policy brilliantly.

    It is my great, great hope that Mitt Romney will ask Condolezza Rice to be his Vice President and that she will consent.

  12. Rob Gullo

    As I much as I respect Ms. Rice. She strikes me as a person who DOES NOT to be vice-president. I think Mitt should stick too people, like Marco Rubio, who have actually embraced the VP Question. This does not mean that Ms. Rice should not serve in a Romney Cabinet because I think this country would be at a disadvantage if she didn't.

  13. Jeffery McDowell

    You are right in saying that many pundits are now saying this (though not all). My point was and still is that the reason that most believed McCain lost was his mishandling of "going back to Washington" after the meltdown… remember, because of Palin's entrance into the race, McCain's numbers went up and he was leading Obama in polls until after the fumbling of McCain on the economy. As far as social conservatives voting conservative anyway, yes, again you are correct, provided they turn out and vote… there has long been an in-house debate which is the biggest contribution to an election: turning out the base or getting swing votes? I, along with many others, believe the former is the most significant contribution. If not for Palin energizing the base, most commentators argue that McCain would have lost by a much bigger number than he did. Palin was the only shot McCain had, the polls and the commentators (at the time) clearly bear this out. At least this is my opinion. However, I could be wrong…wouldn't be the first time and not the last, I'm sure. I appreciate your response and insights. I am just glad in the final analysis, I don't have to put my trust in "princes and chariots" but in Christ! Have a great day.

  14. Jeff Mize

    Jeff, you are right. McCain hurt McCain.VP picks don't do much more than fire up the base, and Palin did that. I think Rubio would be the best to do that for Romney. He is the brightest rising star in the party (he will be president one day), voices conservatism better than anyone in office, should help some with the hispanic vote, and would almost certainly deliver Florida to Romney – a state he must win.

  15. Tery Scott

    I think she would do an amazing job, black, white or green. It's about the person. She knows what she getting in to. Maybe this is just what we need! God knows we're in a hell of a pickle right now!

  16. Lance Warren

    I'am not sure if ms rice would be a very strong ticket(like mccane did).i feel a vp like marco rubio would be better because he would carry the latin vote for rice would do very well in a romney cabnet post like defense or sec of state.however, if she is stronger than rubio, then I will go for her. most important, the vp spot is extremely important and ms rice is far better a vp than dumb ass biden.biden needs to be fired as wellas obama needs to be fired.obama had his shot to fix our economey and put our workers back to work-he flunked out.we give romney a fair shot to get our nation back on its feet and moveing.if he fails-he is gone -fair?

  17. Lance Warren

    to look at it from a differant view-ms rice is far prettier and smarter iq wise than that old fart biden-biden could not do or handle the job as president.we would not have a president but a maxwell smart.better yet clarabel.

  18. David A Maddox

    Rubio was my favorite as well, but Ryan was a close second. In terms of electoral college votes, Ryan might even be the better choice because Romney should carry Florida either way (if the race is even close), but he's also got to carry a mid-West state or two like Ohio, Wisconsin and/or Michigan. I think it comes down to Ohio, frankly. Romney has done better in Florida than he has in Ohio in the polls throughout the last six months. It's averaged almost dead-even in FL, while he's run about three points behind in OH. All other states being equal, Romney must win both OH and FL, but if he does he wins the election. If a VP pick could help him win one or the other, he should have aimed at OH and surrounding states.

  19. David A Maddox

    Rubio was my favorite as well, but Ryan was a close second. In terms of electoral college votes, Ryan might even be the better choice because Romney should carry Florida either way (if the race is even close), but he's also got to carry a mid-West state or two like Ohio, Wisconsin and/or Michigan. I think it comes down to Ohio, frankly. Romney has done better in Florida than he has in Ohio in the polls throughout the last six months. It's averaged almost dead-even in FL, while he's run about three points behind in OH. All other states being equal, Romney must win both OH and FL, but if he does he wins the election. If a VP pick could help him win one or the other, he should have aimed at OH and surrounding states.

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