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Lance Armstrong’s Own Teammates To Testify Against Him In Doping Scandal

Lance Armstrong now faces the testimony of former teammates

Lance Armstrong is losing more and more ground every day in the fight against the doping allegations held against him. The latest sleight comes from his own former teammates, who have said that they will testify against him in the case.

Though Armstrong has beaten the rap before, doping allegations have come back with a vengeance this time around, causing the champion cyclist to be banned from competition. Now, former teammates have come forth to swear their allegiance to the prosecution, vowing to testify against Armstrong in the investigation, notes Newser. Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde and David Zabriskie, American riders who are currently competing in the Tour de France, have all said that they will appear as witnesses in the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s case against Armstrong. Perhaps most shockingly, George Hincapie, a rider that was by Armstrong’s side through all seven Tour victories, has also pledged to testify against him.

“I feel like I’ve always done the right thing for the sport,” said Hincapie, a five-time Olympian who is riding in his 17th Tour, “I’m sad he is going through this,” he said. “He’s done so many things for the sport. His accomplishments are incredible.”

Hincapie also said that his team “has nothing to do with this,” regarding Armstrong’s alleged doping, reports the NY Times.

Armstrong retired from cycling last year, and still adamantly denies the doping charges. If he loses the hearing, he could be stripped of his seven Tour titles. A frustrated Armstrong posted an “et tu, Brute” tweet Thursday, saying, “Come in and tell @usantidoping exactly what they wanted to hear in exchange for immunity, anonymity and an opportunity to continue to race the biggest event in cycling,” he said, subtly throwing his former team under the bus. He added that the “riders in question” are also “victims of @usantidoping’s unfair process and antics.”

Travis Tygart, chief executive of the antidoping agency, dismissed Armstrong’s accusations, saying that “It is important to remember that the truth would often be suppressed without witnesses who at great cost to themselves are willing to tell the truth under oath about what they saw and experienced, and any attempt to circumvent the proper procedures in order to bully or silence people who may or may not be witnesses cannot be tolerated,” he said.

Do you think that Lance Armstrong is guilty of doping or do you suspect foul play?

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4 Responses to “Lance Armstrong’s Own Teammates To Testify Against Him In Doping Scandal”

  1. Wolff Bachner

    iI am truly sad today. This is just stunning. to see an entire life's work washed away by the testimony of his own teammates, All of whom have been granted immunity, under threats of lifetime bans if they don't testify against him. so sad. but cycling has always been a corrupt sport and it is still a corrupt sport. asking athletes to do what they must do to compete in the Tour is insane.

  2. Dawn Halas Mellott

    Foul play….Armstrong has passed SO many blood tests over the years. How can people not get it? People cannot believe that he achieved that he did, but he did. He often asked to be tested and he always passed. It is sad that his teammates are stabbing him in the back and I hope they enjoy their future races knowing that they "killed" the man that stood by them and supported/fueled them and their careers.

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