To Catch a Thief Video: Tech-Savvy Office Worker Uses Webcam to Bust Fruit Thief [Video]

A tech savvy officer worker tired of having fruit stolen from his desk used a little bit of ingenuity to capture the thief red-handed.

The clever office detective, known only by his Youtube username malleusdei, set up a webcam on his desk to catch the fruit thief in the act, before posting what he recorded on net, for the world to see.

In the video, a female custodian is seen pushing her cleaning supply cart while talking on a cell phone. Upon seeing the “forbidden fruit,” the janitor stops her cart, walks into malleusdei’s office, grabs an apple off his desk and casually walks away as she takes a bite of the fruit.

With video footage of the thief now in his possession, malleusdei explains that he then put together a quick screen saver showing images of the janitor stealing his apple and attached the message: “I know who you are. Stop stealing my things, or I will report you.”

The webcam was then left on to capture the reactions of snooping co-workers, a concerned janitor, and the forbidden fruit thief when they saw the screensaver.

After a few of malleusdei’s co-workers see the message and start laughing, the office janitor walks in and notices the message.

He quickly calls the cleaner, who surprisingly (or maybe not) seems to act as if she isn’t the intended recipient of the warning.

Malleusdei concludes the video by informing viewers:

“I haven’t had any fruit stolen since.”