Terrorism cover-up shooting in Canada

Terrorism Cover-up Of The Calgary Nightclub Shooting? Islamic Gunman Arrested

Questions about a terrorism cover-up of the Calgary, Canada nightclub shooting are flooding social media, and small right wing news sites. Local news covered the shooting, but there was no media blitz on the topic, as we have seen in other such attacks. Is there really a deliberate terrorism cover-up of the Calgary Canada nightclub shooting? Is there a terrorism cover-up plot to ignore smaller terrorist incidents due to the politicization of the refugee issue?

According to the Calgary Herald, Sunday, January 10, Mohamed Elmi, and Mohamed Salad were charged with discharge of a firearm with intent to endanger life, and unauthorized possession of a firearm, after firing a pistol through the glass door of a nightclub at close range. One man was shot in the chest, while others were hit with flying glass as the door “exploded.” Bouncers apprehended the gunman, immediately, preventing further injury to the frightened crowd. Strangely, there has been no international media attention. Is there really a deliberate terrorism cover-up of the Calgary Canada nightclub shooting?

Terrorism Cover-up of the Calgary, Canada Nightclub Shooting?

Social media is going wild with posts like this one about a media cover-up.

The Breitbart of London did carry the story, almost verbatim from the Calgary Herald, but with the following terrorist cover-up comment at the end.

Canadian media has been careful not to make any link between the suspects named and their religion. The word ‘jihad’ is conspicuously absent in media coverage, something that is irritating social media users who are openly speculating whether or not they have been banned from making any connection with radical Islam.

Is this sort of radical western reaction to Radical Islam the reason for a terrorism cover-up of the shooting? Are the media trying to avoid persecution of Muslims, or persecution of politicians who have opened up the country to a risk in the name of compassion, or are authorities simply not sure this shooting was terrorism?

is there a terrorism cover-up in Canada?
Canada remains silent about the incident at the Calgary Nightclub shooting. [image via ShutterStock]
The nightclub’s management released a statement earlier today, calling the incident “a senseless and random act of violence.” Police are still investigating, but so far, no motive has been revealed. There seems to be some question of motivation, even though three people were involved and two have been arrested. The purposeful and deliberate nature of the night club shooting seems to be clear. Yet media and law enforcement seem reluctant to label the shooting an act of terror. Is this a terrorism cover-up or merely a matter of discretion until all the facts are in.

Bouncer Heroes

Staff Sgt. Brad Glaicar of the Calgary police force, spoke about the roll of the nightclub’s bouncers in the incident.

“There’s no doubt in my mind these two guys did save lives. Had they not been there it would have been a lot worse. They grabbed (the suspect) with zero hesitation. They grabbed him after the first shot. The second and third shots went while they wrestled.”
The Story of the Calgary, Canada Nightclub Shooting
Annalise Klingbeil of the The Calgary Herald reports that the gunman attack occurred rapidly after a white sedan pulled up within 15 feet of the front door of the club. Three men were in the vehicle, one exited the vehicle with a pistol in hand, while another waited with the motor running. He then walked up to the door with an obvious sense of purpose. He fired one shot through the door before the bouncers were able to subdue him. An Eyewitness, nightclub employee Spencer Wallace, explained the scene to the Calgary Herald reporter.

“I saw a guy hit in the chest, he dropped, Then all hell breaks loose. People start running for any door they can see. People just start running for the doors… everyone tries to run out the back or the side door,”.

Wallace then added that the assailant was”screaming death threats” while being forced into a police car after the incident. While watching the surveillance video, Wallace pointed out the weapon in plain view.

“You can see the gun in his right hand, it’s not a small pistol. He gets about five feet away from the door, flips his hood up, aims his gun and starts firing,”

Nightclub shooting in Calgary Canada
Was the Canada Nightclub shooting an act of terror? [image via ShutterStock]
Is This A Cover-up?
Authorities remain reluctant to determine whether this shooting was an act of terrorism, revenge, insanity or some other unknown motive. While the crime itself is very clear cut, with no doubt what happened, the question of why remains. Canadians no doubt wonder though, why this incident in Canada has been ignored in the media, while similar stories of Islamic terrorism come from Paris, Germany, California and England. Is this really a terrorism cover-up? Was it because no one was actually killed in the shooting? Was it because it was in Canada, rather than Europe… or Was it because the government and media has decided to engage in a terrorism cover-up of the Calgary, Canada nightclub shooting?

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