Blac Youngsta 'bumrushed' after withdrawing $200,000

Rapper Blac Youngsta ‘Bumrushed,’ Tackled To Ground For Having $200K Of His Own Money

Rapper Blac Youngsta has every right to have $200,000 in cash in his hands — he’s a millionaire.

But for a few minutes on Friday afternoon in Atlanta, police assumed Blac Youngsta was a criminal attempting to cash a forged check at a Wells Fargo bank, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

As a result, the Memphis-born rapper — whose real name is Sam Benson and was signed last year to the Collective Music Group founded by rapper Yo Gotti — was “bumrushed,” tackled to the ground, and temporarily handcuffed.

Blac Youngsta has since accused officers of briefly confiscating $100,000 of his money, but the department insisted later that they didn’t touch a dime of the rapper’s money, People added.

It all began when someone called 911 to report that a man was at the bank attempting to cash a forged check for $24,000. The witness described the suspect’s vehicle, and when authorities arrived, they assumed Blac Youngsta’s car was the one they were looking for.

“They thought I did it too, but I’m legit,” the rapper told WXIA. “They confused me with whoever they were looking for.”

Cops were so convinced Blac Youngsta was their suspect that they swarmed the bank parking lot as he left the building, heading for the young rapper as he juggled $200,000 of fresh bills. AJC suggested that officers stopped his car.

“I come out the bank, I see the police, I’m walking to my car, I see one of them point to my bag like ‘him.’ They come bumrushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head, so I’m like ‘What I’d do?’. A lady was like I’m not supposed to have…$200,000 on me. I’m like, ‘I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?'”

Trouble is, when their witness called 911, his description was “limited and conflicting,” said Sgt. Warren Pickard. Cops responded with the description of the vehicle regardless, and learned later that the man they had in cuffs (which weren’t closed) was innocent.

“It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to police had provided the wrong description of the suspect,” Pickard said in statement. “It was determined that the occupants of the vehicle were not involved. They were immediately released.”

Blac Youngsta has since gotten an apology from the police department. They’ve stressed that neither he, nor Yo Gotti’s music group, was suspected of committing a crime.

After the incident, Blac Youngsta posed a picture of himself online — sitting on the ground, handcuffed, while several police officers hover over him — accompanied by the caption “look how they treat a young rich [expletive].” He and his entourage were only detained briefly, and Blac Youngsta that the confiscation of his $100K was short-lived, too.

And it’s a good thing, because he had big plans for that cash. That afternoon, Blac Youngsta had gone to the bank to withdraw money to pay for a new car, because in his neighborhood, people don’t pay for cars with credit.

“Where I come from,” he said, “we don’t believe in taking checks to the car lot. We take cash money.”

Unfortunately, thanks to his incident with the police, he’s changed his mind about what kind he wants. He’d planned to by a Maybach.

“They just really made me so mad, I don’t even want one – I might go buy a Ferrari now. I feel fast, you know.”

Police identified and arrested the real perpetrator after the unfortunate and brief detention of Blac Youngsta. Charles Darnell Edward, 39, has been identified as the suspected check forger, and has since been arrested and charged with first-degree forgery, which is a felony.

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