Drunk Thief Moscow

Drunk Burglar Falls Asleep At Crime Scene

A thief in Moscow discovered that drinking while looting is a bad idea after he fell asleep at the house he was in the middle of looting, only to be woken up by the police walking in.

The Huffington Post reports that the unidentified man from Tajikstan decided to indulge in a bottle of vodka while robbing a house near Moscow, and apparently couldn’t hold his liquor.

According to Rianovosti, the suspect collected his loot, including food from the kitchen, and then stopped to celebrate his good fortune with the vodka bottle. When he drank too much, he fell asleep on the homeowner’s bed, hoping that a few Zs would help him recover.

When the homeowners returned, they were alerted by the broken lock on the front door and called police. When the authorities arrived, according to Rianovosti, they found the thief asleep on the homeowner’s bed.

While his sleep was so meanly interrupted by the arrival of police, he will certainly have enough time to catch up on his rest, seeing as he may spend up to 10 years in jail for his crime, according to authorities.

This is not the first time that alcohol has foiled attempted robbery, according to The Huffington Post, because two drunk thieves in Scotland last month attempted to steal 70 pounds of frozen meat from a kebab shop, but the meat fell on one of the thieves’ toes.

If that’s not enough, three drunk men in Australia tried reenacting The Hangover by stealing a penguin from Sea World. When they slept it off, they saw the bird and freaked out, setting the poor penguin free in an area known for sharks. No worries, though, the penguin was found and rescued.