Jenelle Evans at an event

Jenelle Evans Sparks Rumors Of Plastic Surgery With Instagram Picture

Jenelle Evans is always making headlines. The majority of them are for negative things that she has done, or negative circumstances she has found herself in. Evans is making news once again, but this time it isn’t for her actions or behavior. Since joining 16 & Pregnant many years ago, Evans has always been one of the more attractive faces from the show. Men are constantly lusting over her, and it isn’t surprising. While she has never said anything outright about hating the way she looked, the news of Evans possibly having plastic surgery isn’t shocking.

Social media is full of photos of Jenelle Evans, mostly those posted by her. She takes pictures doing pretty much anything, especially when showing off the products she is paid to use. Recently Evans posted a photo to Instagram that got people talking. According to In Touch Weekly, Jenelle Evans has had some lip injections. The photo in question shows Evans with fuller lips. She has always talked about how thin her lips are naturally, so it only makes sense she would want to enhance them. In fact, a doctor is even speaking out saying she knows Evans uses Juvederm. The product lasts nine months and makes your lips appear fuller and more luscious.

The last few months have been hard on Jenelle Evans, especially since her relationship with Nathan Griffith ended. She has lost her baby weight from having Kaiser, and she is working on making herself fit into what she sees as beautiful again. Evans has not confirmed whether or not she has received lip injections, but it looks like she has. Fans have been commenting on the situation since the photo surfaced, and it appears that many believe she has indeed had work done. With Evans’ natural beauty, if she enhanced anything too much it would be incredibly noticeable.

Now that she is a single mom, Jenelle Evans is laying down the law with Nathan Griffth. According to Radar Online, Evans has laid out strict rules for his visitation with Kaiser. Some of it may be because she is upset he has moved on with someone else, but some of it is because she is concerned. Evans has Kaiser full-time and Jace comes on some weekends. She knows what it is like to have two children with two fathers, but is that enough to stop her from having more? Evans is very much about things benefiting her and if the situation doesn’t, she will change it to fit her specific needs. The relationship with Griffith was unstable, at best, so the fact that they split wasn’t surprising to critics or fans.

Fans want to hear from Jenelle Evans about whether or not she had lip injections. If she didn’t, many want to know what products she is using. Evans had talked about her lips before, but also mentioned she just wanted a subtle change. She definitely didn’t want to end up with lips like Kylie Jenner, which is actually something Evans said. There may be some questionable things that have been done by Evans, but she isn’t one to deny having work done.

With Jenelle Evans altering her appearance, fans are wondering just how far she will go. Farrah Abraham from the original Teen Mom show had several surgeries and is almost unrecognizable. While there are plenty of haters out there for Evans, she does have plenty of supporters as well. Many comments were made about hoping she didn’t turn out like Abraham on the photo that was posted. Once you have one procedure, many say it can become an addiction. Right now the only thing questionable is Evans’ lips, and it looks like that may be all there ever will be.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]