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Emma Stone Likely To Be A Newer, More Sinister Cruella de Vil

Disney is pulling out all of the stops in their quest to re-imagine all of their animated fairy tales in big live action blockbusters. An adaption of 101 Dalmatians is tapped to come on board as one of Disney’s most infamous villains is Emma Stone, best known for The Amazing Spiderman (2012). Although negotiations are early, it seems likely that Ms. Stone will be the next actress to play Cruella de Vil, a character made that much more infamous by Glenn Close’s performance in 1996’s 101 Dalmatians.

Emma Stone Set To Be Cast As Cruella de Vil In A Prequel To 101 Dalmatians

While Ms. Stone is a favorite to star as the 101 Dalmatians villain, Disney has no plans to reboot the 1996 version of the live action adaptation. Instead, Emma would star as the title character in a prequel story, entitled Cruella. While Disney is eager to get the ball rolling on Cruella, which is written by Kelly Marcel and based off of the original origins story by Aline Brosh McKenna, the studio has yet to find a director.

There’s no word yet if Emma plans on taking the role and negotiations are still early, but it seems, like a good move for the Aloha actress. The current Hollywood trends favor live action adaptations of animated classics, as well as comic book superheroes, so that alone suggests that this would be a successful project for Stone. The successes of the previous live action adaptations, which both starred Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil, only serve to add further enticements for Ms. Stone to take on the project. The first 101 Dalmatians earned $320 million worldwide, while 102 Dalmations (2000) followed up with $183 million on a production budget of $85 million. A modernized origins story for Cruella de Vil with just the right actress in the title role could do significantly better in the current Hollywood climate.

Is Emma Stone The Latest Of Woody Allen’s Love Interests?

When Emma starred in Allen’s Irrational Man last year, she made a lasting impression. Actually, that may even be a gross understatement. Woody expressed his opinion of her by predicting that the actress would soon be the biggest name in Hollywood. He added that coming to the set to see Ms. Stone standing there always gave him an added shot of adrenaline.

“Her allure is everything: She’s beautiful, she’s bright, she’s gifted, she’s sexy, she’s intelligent, she can do comedy, she can do serious things, she sings, she dances, she’s a pleasure to work with,” Mr. Allen said of Emma.

Is it any wonder that rumors began circulating of a May-December romance between the actress and director? Still, Ms. Stone insists that nothing untoward has ever occurred between Woody and herself. Instead, she says they share a deep, professional admiration of one another.

“I think Woody would laugh that off in a second,” says Emma. “I can certainly tick it off on my bucket list and the experience of working with him couldn’t have gone better.”

Emma also recently commented on the issues of ageism and sexism in Hollywood, adding her voice to the growing legion of actresses and actors demanding change. She points out that these issues don’t just affect the business end of the film industry, but the cultural aspects of Hollywood life as well. Ms. Stone says she hasn’t experienced it with her latest films, but only because the films demanded older actors for the roles. As such, she had the opportunity to discuss the unfair practices in Hollywood with Colin Firth, who is the same age as her father, and found his perspectives matched her own.

Coming up in a July 14 release, Emma Stone will star with Ryan Gosling and Finn Wittrock in La La Land.

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