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Man Arrested At Walt Disney World Resort For Holding Luggage Hostage After Hello Kitty Toothbrush Broken

There are some truly strange things that happen at Walt Disney World. Whether it’s a drunk man climbing the side of the Mexico pavilion or a man arrested for threatening to build a meth lab, it can always get weirder. A man was recently arrested at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas after holding onto luggage that wasn’t his in order to get his broken Hello Kitty toothbrush paid for.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that police were called to the villas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge on Monday morning. There was an issue in one of the rooms, where hotel Cast Members attempted, for more than two hours, to get back luggage that was accidentally delivered to the wrong room.

Needless to say, they were unsuccessful in getting it back.

A couple from Australia decided to visit Walt Disney World, and it ended up in a bit of a mess for everyone. The mess happened simply because luggage was delivered to room 7845 when it should have gone to room 7854.

Forty-nine-year-old Setia Kurniawan was in his room with his wife, 44-year-old Vonni Gustimego, when the wrong bags were delivered to them.

Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels have the option of dropping their luggage off to bell services and having it brought to their room later. This can be done if their room is not ready or if they simply wish to head straight to the theme parks.

walt disney world luggage hello kitty toothbrush
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The manager quickly realized the mistake and went to the room to get the bags back so they could be delivered to the correct guests.

This is when things got weird.

What got the couple so very upset was that a Hello Kitty toothbrush they owned had been broken somehow. No information ever really came about as to how it was broken or even if it was broken at the resort.

The couple wanted the manager to do something about it, though, and she said that wasn’t happening right now. At this point, the couple led the manager out of the room and refused to give the wrong luggage back.

Police were then called to the Villas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and arrived around midnight. The manager, whose name was not released, told authorities that the couple had been “confrontational” when she notified them about the luggage problem.

At this point, police went to the couple’s room and knocked on the door for about 10 minutes and advised them they would be arrested if they didn’t open the door. The couple still refused for a while longer, but then opened it and showed police the luggage sitting on the floor.

walt disney world animal kingdom lodge luggag toothbrush
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Things got even worse from here, and the next segment of actions is what led to an arrest.

Gustimego began yelling and pointing at the police officers who entered the room. Kurniawan was said to have lunged toward an officer after he pushed Gustimego’s hand down.

The man was forced to the ground by the police as Gustimego went after the hotel manager. She grabbed the manager by her jacket and pulled her into the room. She was also said to have hit the ear of a security officer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Kurniawan ended up being being arrested and charged with battery of a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer without violence, and grand theft. Gustimego was not arrested. Police let her stay at the resort so she could care for the couple’s children.

The husband bailed out shortly after being booked at Orange County Jail.

With the violent issues and other situations happening around the world, especially in the past year, Disney is not taking any chances.

Back in September, a man was banned from Walt Disney World for life for joking that he was going to build a meth lab in his room. WFTV reported that the man was impatient while waiting for help at Disney’s Pop Century Resort and cracked the poorly-timed joke.

Police ended up arriving at the resort late that night, raiding the room, and questioning David Swindler about the meth lab. They did not find one, and no charges ended up being filed. However, Swindler was banned from Disney property for life.

There has been no word if Kurniawan was banned or even removed from Walt Disney World property for the luggage mishap. It’s also not known what became of the Hello Kitty toothbrush, but it did cause quite a stir and an interesting start to the new year.

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