Gilmore Girls, 2006, Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Possible ‘Gilmore Girls’ Set Photos Fuel Reunion Hopes And Spark Excitement In Fans

Gilmore Girls fans were abuzz as purported photos of a freshly painted Miss Patty’s Dance Studio emerged on Twitter, indicating that Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are gearing up for filming.

According to E!, a Twitter user by the name of @caddyglass uploaded several pictures on December 30 prompting the Gilmore Girls fan frenzy. Check them out below:

A Gilmore Girls reunion had been rumored for several months following the cast and creators’ appearance at the annual ATX festival in June. At the time, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino discussed the sense of unfinished business considering the falling out she had with CW and the missed opportunity to end the show on her terms. All Gilmore Girls cast members seemed to be open to the idea of returning to Stars Hollow for the chance to reprise their characters; however, nothing was set in stone. Then came Netflix to the rescue.

Gilmore Girls cast reunion ATX Festival June 2015, courtesy of Girlmore Girls Official Facebook.
Gilmore Girls cast reunion ATX Festival June 2015. [Image via Girlmore Girls Official Facebook]
Netflix released the entire series of Gilmore Girls in October of 2014, prompting a rejuvenation of fans who had to say “goodbye” to the Gilmores in 2007 and creating an entirely new fan base from binge watchers who had skipped the Girls‘ first run. While it seemed that fans would just have to accept the unfinished fates of our favorite Gilmore girls as the end, according to Vogue, in October of 2015 Netflix announced a deal with Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, giving her the opportunity to finish the show she created on her terms.

Though Gilmore patriarch Edward Herrmann passed away in 2013 and Melissa McCarthy, who played Lorelai Gilmore’s best friend Sookie, is currently experiencing a lucrative movie career, early indications are that the rest of the cast would be thrilled to get back together. It is expected that the new Gilmore Girls episodes will take place eight years after where we last left Lorelai and Rory. If that’s the case, one set photo that has been making the social media rounds may break some dedicated Luke and Lorelai fans’ hearts.

According to the Verge, another purported Gilmore Girls set photo from the Facebook page of “Gilmore Girls Forever” showed a set backing with a paper identifying it as “Luke and Lizzy’s.” This prompted an outcry from Gilmore Girls fans who feared the photo spelled out the end for Luke and Lorelai.

Luke and Lorelai, Season 7 Gilmore Girls, courtesy of Gilmore Girls Official Facebook.
Luke and Lorelai, Season 7 Gilmore Girls. [Image via Gilmore Girls Official Facebook]
However, that might not be the case. An astute Facebooker pointed out that another show that films on the Warner Bros lot, One Big Happy, actually has a couple named Luke and Lizzy, and their speculation is that this photo was from that set, not the Gilmore Girls, helping Gilmore Girls fans breathe a sigh of relief that order may be restored in the romantic universe of Stars Hollow — or maybe it won’t. Only time will tell.

So what exactly can we expect from the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival? According to Us Weekly, the series won’t actually be a full series but rather four 90-minute mini-movies. While Netflix hasn’t revealed whether or not they will release one Gilmore Girls nugget at a time, fans are undoubtedly hoping that the streaming service sticks to their usual game plan of releasing everything at once so that some intense Gilmore Girls bingewatching can ensue.

While Girls is expected to begin filming this year and the latest Twitter pics from the set seem to confirm that, Netflix has been mum on when we can expect the return of the Gilmores. With any luck, Gilmore Girls fans won’t be suffering from the torture of having to wait until 2017 or later for its release.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]