WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Vs Samoa Joe Feud Being Teased

WWE rumors are saying that a feud between Roman Reigns and NXT star Samoa Joe could be taking place on the main roster as soon as this year, according to WWE.

Since the new year just started, WWE has tasked their content creators to come up with a list of 16 performers who should be heavily pushed in 2016. Samoa Joe was on the big list.

World Wrestling Entertainment made sure to state that Samoa Joe had a very strong rookie year in NXT, which isn’t that far from the truth because he was booked as a top level guy.

Upon his debut, Samoa Joe was booked in a quick program with Kevin Owens, who was making the transition from NXT to the main roster in WWE. The feud created quite the stir.

Samoa Joe was then allowed to work a feud with Finn Balor. While he did not successfully capture the NXT Heavyweight Championship from Balor, Joe was made to look very strong.

WWE has already discussed a potential promotion to the main roster for Samoa Joe. When Joe first signed with NXT, reports stated a brief stint in developmental was promised.

If Samoa Joe can really impress management in the next couple of months, then the former world heavyweight champion might be given a quick push like the one Kevin Owens received.

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe [Photo by WWE]
While still holding the NXT Heavyweight Championship, Kevin Owens was given a pay per view match against John Cena, a top star. Owens shocked the world by winning cleanly.

When that happened, WWE managed to give instant credibility and momentum to Kevin Owens, and it appeared that a new top level performer had made his debut on the main roster.

A good way for WWE to emulate that type of success would be for them to book Samoa Joe into an immediate title program with Roman Reigns. That would make him look legitimate.

To make such a rapid rise happen, WWE can throw Samoa Joe into the Money in the Bank match. By winning that, they can explain how a newcomer was able to get a title shot so fast.

In regards to potential story lines between the two, if WWE wanted to, they could bring up the fact that Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe are both Samoans. That might be interesting.

Another angle that WWE can throw into the mix would be to have Samoa Joe hold resentment towards Roman Reigns because he had to take the long way to get to the top promotion.

WWE prefers to do shorter feuds, but if they wanted to think outside the box, then they can do a long story between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns, one that lasts for several months.

The Usos
The Usos [Photo by WWE]
Roman Reigns is expected to go over at Wrestlemania 32, and there are talks that his huge Samoan family could be involved in the celebration, which would be quite memorable to see.

Samoa Joe could be included into the celebration, even though he is not related by blood. WWE can explain that the Anoa’i family consider Joe family because he’s from the same place.

A stable consisting of Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and the Usos could easily connect with the audience if WWE were to book them in interesting fresh feuds for a long period of time.

After a couple of months, WWE can then pull the old “jealousy and betrayal” story line that has been used in professional wrestling for decades now. Samoa Joe would be the hot heel.

Samoa Joe has all the toes to become a top level star if World Wrestling Entertainment gave him a fair chance.

[Featured Photo by WWE]