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Harry Styles Just Wants To Be Left Alone

Poor Harry Styles! After a week of frolicking on a yacht with a selection of celebrity friends and getting grinded on by a bikini-clad Kendall Jenner as swarms of ecstatic paparazzi snapped away in their little speedboats, and as career-minded Kardashian mother Kris Jenner looked on with a sparkle in her eye, remembering what happened for her career the last time one of her shiny-haired daughters got jiggy for the camera, it looks like Harry has just had enough.

Kendall Jenner is back in America, according to the Daily Mail, and Harry has finally jetted back to the UK with mother Anne Twist, who accompanied him on his yacht adventure.

Harry was snapped at the airport. The One Direction star shot a peace sign at the photographer, his eyes kind and weary and his fingers encircled by one gold ring and one dusty silver one. The familiar Harry Styles-trademark crucifix hung against his chest, and he wore a patterned blue-and-green shirt that caught the bluish-greenish-grey tones in his tri-colored eyes.

Harry obliged fans for that one snap but appeared to lose his patience when the photo requests and sneaky shots kept coming while he was trying to relax on the airplane. Harry did not lose his temper, though — he never does. He merely covered his tanned, tired face with a pillow and curled up, as if he was trying to disappear into the arm of the stiff airplane seat.

One sneaky aircraft passenger managed to get a picture of Harry by pretending she was watching the in-flight entertainment, then sneakily pointing her camera lens up and capturing Harry in all his glory.

Fans jumped to Harry’s defense, blasting the people who took photos of him when he was just trying to get some rest.

The stalking didn’t stop there. When Harry got back to his sleepy hometown of Homes Chapel, fans gathered outside his door, taking pictures of the distant windows in hope of grabbing a shot of the hunk, even if it was just a dim silhouette.

Directioners blasted the Homes Chapel stalkers for their rudeness.

In other One Direction news, Billboard has commented on the Grammy snub the One Direction guys received this year. Many had been hoping the boys would receive a nomination for the celebrated Four album, but the industry evidently decided it’s not time just yet.

“Elsewhere in the pop realm, while not exactly surprising, last year’s One Directionoffering Four wasn’t nominated. (For the record: Grammy eligibility dates for the year made One Direction’s recent Made in the A.M. as well as Justin Bieber’s Purpose not eligible.)”

Billboard calls the omission of Four by One Direction from the list of nominees “one of the most egregious.” They also note that One Direction’s Made in the A.M. could still score a nomination and a Grammy. The nomination date cut-offs for the Grammys work such that Made in the A.M. will not be eligible until next year.

Perhaps the boys will score their first Grammy in their hiatus year, adding a burst of action and deserved recognition right in the middle of an 18-month One Direction drought that many loyal fans are already wondering how they will get through.

It remains to be seen if Harry Styles will stay in Homes Chapel or organize a new meeting with fling and rumored “winter girlfriend,” Kendall Jenner. Bandmate Louis Tomlinson is rumored to be in France skiing with his own American girlfriend, Danielle Campbell.

[Photo by Abraham Caro Marin/AP]