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Louis Tomlinson Is Spoiling His New Girlfriend Rotten — Her Dog Gets His Own Private Jet

Louis Tomlinson is a generous guy and almost everyone knows it. This year he donated £2 million to children’s charity Believe in Magic and MC’d at the event along with One Direction bandmate Liam Payne, as reported by The Mirror.

Hamilton Spectator also reported on the One Direction star’s charitable spirit today, quoting a Twitter rant by his mother Johannah Deakin, who described some of Louis’ kind acts and pointed out that she rarely speaks to the media about her lovely son or brags about him, but she felt that for once it just has to be done:

“Louis is a super kind person. Not many people know that his first wage on [X Factor] was £55 – he sent home £25

“Not that I asked of course. He has always looked after his family & he always will.”

Johannah also wrote that Louis actually keeps many of his kind acts secret:

So Louis is generous with his money, time, and heart, and he has demonstrated repeatedly how much he loves children, especially the tiny twins mother Johannah Deakin, who remarried a few years ago, gave birth to in 2014, as reported by Hollywood Life.

Now, Louis is proving he is just as generous with the women he dates. A rumor has emerged that Louis’ girlfriend Danielle Campbell sent her dog back to America in a private jet that Louis shelled out for.

It seems the dog-loving former Disney actress was worried about her pooch’s welfare, and midway through her trip through the UK and France with Louis decided that they needed to fly the dog to her home in Chicago, rather than take him on a planned skiing trip, where Max might have developed a bout of doggy-flu or frozen his little foot-pads on the icy roads of the Alps.

Danielle posted a picture of Max on her Facebook, where he can be seen perched comfortably on a fawn-colored three-seater, surrounded by pillows and soft blankets. The dog looks slightly overwhelmed and even fearful, and stares off-camera with wide eyes and alert ears, as if it’s all a bit much and he’s not yet gotten used to the unsettling whir of the jet engine.

What else might Louis and Danielle be getting up to in the Alps? The pair are said to be in Val Thorens, the the highest resort in Europe, according to Les Vallees and the Val Thorens website.

It is also described as the most “snow-sure region in France.” Perhaps sport-loving Louis wanted to be sure the weather would not be against him when he swept Danielle off for some skiing.

This is heartening, given recent reports that Louis was looking a bit unwell. A winter sports holiday in the Alps is not something a sick or frail person would be getting up to — though then again, maybe Louis’ doctors prescribed a bit of fresh mountain air, and recommended that he go for long walks and sit by fireplaces as Danielle Campbell hits the slopes by herself.

Louis actually went skiing around this time last year with ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Maybe the One Direction hottie would like to make it a yearly tradition.

Not everyone is happy about Louis’ holiday. Some people were skeptical about Danielle Campbell’s girlfriend status, bemused by Louis’ spendthrift tendencies, or even jealous of the dog.

Are Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell getting serious?

[Photos by Frederick M. Brown; Jason Merritt/ Getty Images]