Tyga Releases Statement About Molly O'Malia Through Manager, Rapper Is Interested In Only One Thing

Tyga Releases Statement About Molly O’Malia Through Manager, Rapper Is Interested In Only One Thing

Tyga is at the center of controversy for contacting 14-year-old Molly O’Malia online.

According to People magazine, Molly, an aspiring singer and model, was contacted by rapper Tyga via a private Instagram message, which Molly says made her uncomfortable. On Monday, O’Malia appeared in a press conference with Gloria Allred, her lawyer. During the press conference, Molly denied that she and Tyga had any sexual relationship, which is the rumor that has been spreading online the past few weeks.

“The truth is that Tyga contacted me first. He direct message me on Instagram. I knew who he was but I was surprised that he was contacting me.”

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 04: Molly O'Malia, 14, and her attorney Gloria Allred speak during a press conference to respond to O.K. Magazine's December 28, 2015 cover story that allegedly portrays O'Malia as being romantically involved with rapper Tyga at Omni Berkshire Place Hotel on January 4, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
Molly O’Malia and Gloria Allred during the press conference on Monday. [Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]
Molly said that her communication with Tyga never went beyond their Instagram messages, and that she has never met with him in person.

“I began to feel uncomfortable when he asked me to FaceTime with him.”

Molly’s mother spoke out too, bashing OK! Magazine for publishing an article that suggested her daughter and Tyga are having a sexual relationship. As The Inquisitr reported, the magazine published a story entitled “Tyga Leaves Kylie Jenner Heartbroken After Texting A 14-Year-Old He Met On Instagram!” The article also showed images of the messages exchanged between Molly O’Malia and Tyga. Although Molly’s face was blurred out in the OK! Magazine article, the teen chose to reveal herself in the press conference to be able to squash the rumors of a sexual relationship with Tyga. In addition, O’Malia says that she nor her mother gave any permission for the magazine to print out the messages between her and Tyga.

“Even though OK magazine pixelated my face and did not use my name, a lot of people could tell it was me.

“I would never have allowed OK Magazine or any other magazine to use them.”

Molly’s attorney said that it was inappropriate for 26-year-old Tyga to be communicating with a 14-year-old girl to “ask her for her phone number and ask when she is coming to L.A.”

Now, Tyga has spoken out about the issue through his rep, saying that he only wanted one thing from Molly O’Malia. Tyga’s manager, Anthony Martini, told TMZ that Tyga only messaged Molly because he was interested in her music. Tyga has an independent record label called Last Kings Records and was only messaging Molly to see if she can be one of his talents. Tyga insists that his messages are solely for business and nothing else.

Tyga’s manager also said that the rapper asked for some sample music from O’Malia during the Instagram exchange, and he was sitting in his studio with some producers while he was messaging her. As for the request to FaceTime with Molly, Martini said that it was just for listening to her sing.

O’Malia says that she has received lots of negative attention since the OK! Magazine published the article.

“I received a lot of negative attention, not only from people in my own state but from all over the place. I don’t deserve the negative attention I have been getting as a result of this photo.”

The controversy surrounding Tyga and Molly O’Malia has been met with different reactions on the online world.

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