GTA Online meets Liberty City

‘GTA V’ Revisits Liberty City With A New Set Of Online Missions

The world of Rockstar Games’ popular Grand Theft Auto franchise is comprised of a several different fictional cities that are heavily inspired by actually cities. Gamers can freely explore the fake streets of a copy of Los Angeles in the series’ most recent installment since GTA V‘s Los Santos is based on the Californian metropolis.

Other recurring destinations that have has multiple representations throughout Grand Theft Auto‘s history include Rockstar Games’ version of Miami with Vice City as well as Liberty City, which is the franchise’s unique take on New York City. While multiple cities do exist in the game’s lore, fans have be left to play only in Los Santos for the past several years since Grand Theft Auto V and its accompanying online mode are set exclusively in the San Andreas city and its surrounding county.

In fact, the last time that GTA fans were taken to another city was back with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Before sunny Los Santos, the franchise’s fourth numbered installment took place on the other side of the country in Liberty City.

GTA 4 Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City [Image via Rockstar Games]
Hoping to give those who might be growing tired of the current setting of Grand Theft Auto V, however, has led Rockstar Games to add a new official playlist to GTA Online filled with user-created missions that are set within Liberty City rather than Los Santos. Nearly a dozen jobs designed by community members will be available to access from the main menu of GTA Online for a limited time.

The developer revealed that the new missions are comprised of variety of different game modes after detailing each of the Liberty City themed jobs on the official Rockstar Newswire blog. Players will find races, deathmatches, and competitive capture missions added to GTA V as part of the newly promoted content. Not every job will be available to users on all systems, but gamers will be able to enjoy some of the new playlist missions regardless of platform. There are even selections added to last-gen versions of GTA Online.

“To celebrate Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories recent arrival for iOS devices (coming soon to Android devices as well), we’ve rounded up eleven very fun GTA Online Jobs made by the Creator community in tribute to the missions, gangs and characters of Liberty City Stories. For fans looking to pay respect to the Leones and the Forellis on the turf of Los Santos, be sure to bookmark these Jobs on Social Club for play in GTA Online.”

In addition to sharing a handful of Liberty City job s to GTA V, Rockstar games is also honoring the game’s east coast city by holding a giving away a special iPad Mini and iPhone 6 featuring custom painted covers. Fans can enter the contest through the Rockstar Social Club event page before the January 8 deadline.

Liberty City Stories custom iPad, iPad 6
Rockstar Games is holding a contest for a custom GTA iPad and Iphone 6 [Image via Rockstar Games]

“Each device is painstakingly customized with a dual-finish automotive grade paint job. The illustration is painted in a smooth matte finish and then spot varnished with an ultra-high gloss clearcoat, resulting in a hand assembled, one-of-a-kind collector’s item that will never be re-issued.”

Rockstar Games will also be showing off all of the new Liberty City missions in Grand Theft Auto V this Friday during a special streaming broadcast via the developer’s own Twitch channel. Players can also now enjoy a special holiday celebration in GTA Online for a limited time. As reported by The Inquisitr, the seasonal event adds temporary costumes and gifts to the game. Players have also participated in two rare snowfall events that have covered the title’s open world map in winter weather. It is unknown whether Rockstar Games is planning on making is snow for a third time or if fans will have to wait until next winter to have another snowball fight.

Do you ever try out the player-generated missions in Grand Theft Auto Online or do you only play Rockstar crafted content for GTA V?

[Image via Rockstar Games]