Luke Hemmings And Arzaylea Respond To Rolling Stone Interview

5 Seconds Of Summer’s Luke Hemmings’ Girlfriend Makes Public Apology — Twitter Reacts

5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings girlfriend is making a very public apology to the boyband’s fans.

Arzaylea, who Hemmings confirmed he was dating in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, took to Twitter on January 3 to post a lengthy apology to 5 Seconds of Summer’s legion of fans, where she admitted in part that she’s been recently “problematic” for followers of the Australian band.

Writing alongside a screen shot of the apology message, Hemmings’ girlfriend tweeted out to her more than 150,000 followers, “Before you read this please keep in mind this took a lot courage to do.”

The tweet then included an open letter to 5 Seconds of Summer fans, where she wrote that she “just wanted to apologize to for anything I have done that may have upset you.”

“I don’t want you to hate me,” Arzaylea continued to the band’s millions fans, adding in part that she doesn’t “want to be the reason this ‘fandom’ is falling apart.” The 5 Seconds of Summer girlfriend also wrote in the heartfelt message that the hate she often receives from the boy’s fans “keeps [her] up at night.”

“All in all I’m sorry for being problematic,” Arzaylea concluded her Twitter message, adding that she “just wants to continue feeling this happiness [she’s] never had the capacity to feel before.”

Whilst Arzaylea didn’t explicitly mention her past behavior that appears to have been upsetting 5 Seconds of Summer fans around the world, it was reported last month that she had been leaking intimate photos of herself with Luke, which she allegedly then sent to fans on social media, as well as being impolite to a number of the boys’ fans.

5 Seconds of Summer fan and Twitter user @_lukesbigbanana accused Hemmings’ lady love of rude behavior on Twitter last month, revealing that she had a pretty icy encounter with the twosome in December.

“As I got my camera up to take a pic, this security guard out of know where [sic] pulled me away from him and was like you need to leave and leave him alone we don’t want people knowing he is here [sic],” the 5 Seconds of Summer fan wrote on social media. “As I looked back he was already standing with Arzaylea and she gave me dirty look [sic],” she alleged.

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But did Arzaylea’s recent Twitter plea do the trick for 5 Seconds of Summer’s dedicated fans?

“my opinion on arzaylea isn’t going to change until she actually changes,” Twitter user @siighcal wrote shortly after the message hit the web, adding “anyone can write an iPhone memo.”

Fellow 5 Seconds of Summer fan @5SecsOfCookies also seemed unimpressed by the 21-year-old’s apology. “even though Arzaylea has apologized i still don’t like her i never did ok… [sic],” the Twitter user wrote on the 140 character site.

However, other fans of the Australian boyband appeared a little more forgiving over the recent misstep and even praised the seemingly genuine apology. “Props to arzaylea for tweeting that [sic],” Twitter user @screens_lock wrote on January 3, “got to admit she really wants to start this year of right and that’s a big thing to do [sic].”

Twitter user and 5 Seconds of Summer fan @culmscene also appeared to be ready to accept the apology, simply tweeting out “@Arzaylea welcome to the 5sosfam!”

5 Seconds of Summer update account @UpdatesOfSummer also seemed ready to put the past behind them, tweeting out, “Can we please give Arzaylea a chance to fix whatever happened? Maybe she truly did realize that she made some mistakes. Let’s wait and see [sic].”

What do you think of Arzaylea’s 5 Seconds of Summer fan apology?