Nikki Ferrell of 'The Bachelor'

Nikki Ferrell of ‘The Bachelor’ Shares Big Engagement News

News is out, and on premiere night of The Bachelor, alumni Nikki Ferrell is sharing some big news with her fans. Things did not work out with Juan Pablo Galavis, but Nikki has found love and moved on. People shared the news that after a failed relationship with Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell is now engaged. Nikki didn’t need reality television to find love, because she is actually getting married to someone that was right in front of her all along. Nikki is now engaged to her longtime friend, Tyler Vanloo.

Nikki Ferrell went to her Instagram to share the news with fans, along with a picture of their big moment. Along with the photo, Nikki said “And on the last day of vacation this happened! I can’t wait to marry my best friend. Over the moon happy right now!” So far, this is all that Nikki has shared about the proposal and fans can’t wait to hear more about how it all went down.

Pic of Nikki Ferrell's engagement
[Image via Instagram]

Nikki and Tyler were on vacation together at the San Juan National Forest, and she had been sharing a lot of pictures of the two during their trip. It really did look like they were having a fun time and enjoying the snow. Now that Nikki Ferrell has moved on from The Bachelor, she doesn’t share all of the details with her fans, but it is obvious she has been dating Tyler for at least six months. Nikki is constantly posting photos of the two together and they seem to have a great time together. Fans have never seen Nikki this happy before.

Nikki has shared that they have been friends since way before she was ever on the show. Nikki didn’t realize that he was the man for her, but it looks like everyone else knew. She posted the picture below along with the caption “Sneaking in a #tbt from a couple years ago to when this guy was my best friend and I wouldn’t really admit to anything more… but we all knew. ❤️ #loveyoukitty #thebestfriend #immakeepyou.”

Nikki Ferrell with fiance
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Remember when Nikki ended things with Juan Pablo, it did not go well. JP never really wanted to tell her that he loved her, and didn’t even propose to her at the end of the show. Nikki and Juan Pablo did try to make it work for a while, but it was obviously not meant to be for these two. Here is some of what she had to say to Chris Harrison at the time.

“It didn’t end because we didn’t love each other or [over] a lack of communication. It just ended because of a difference of lifestyle. There was a point we said we love each other, like in a normal relationship… We gave it a good try, but we’re two different people.”

It does look like everything worked out for the best in the long run. Nikki Ferrell has found love and is now happily engaged and moving on just fine. These two seem very happy together and like they are a perfect match. Juan Pablo Galavis has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight since the split, and ABC avoids doing any updates with him at all, even though they do updates with other past contestants. Hopefully, he has moved on and is doing just fine since the show, as well.

Are you happy to hear that Nikki Ferrell has moved on from Juan Pablo Galavis and found love? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the new season of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins on Monday nights on ABC. Everyone can’t wait to see if Ben finds love and if his relationship will last.

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