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Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth, And The Disappearing Baby Bump

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is supposedly set to become a father for the first time. Tomlinson has an unexpected tilt at fatherhood after a “brief relationship” with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth last spring. If calculations are correct, then Baby Tomlinson should be joining us sometime around the end of this month. When news of Briana’s pregnancy broke, Louis made one short statement on Good Morning America saying that he was “excited” by the news about baby Tomlinson.

Back in May of last year, a number of paparazzi photographs appeared showing Briana and Louis leaving a couple of L.A. nightclubs, but since that time, Louis and Briana have not been spotted together. Briana did attend a couple of One Direction concerts in London with members of Tomlinson’s family, but even after those shows, Louis went partying with friends rather than spending time with his baby mama.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Louis has not talked about Briana or baby Tomlinson since that very brief statement back in August. In fact, the Sun claims that Louis has banned journalists and interviewers from mentioning the baby Tomlinson at all. Jungwirth has also kept an extremely low profile since the pregnancy news broke. Briana has not given any interviews, and she has locked people out of her social media account. This has not stopped a number of pictures of Briana being leaked.

Over the Christmas and new-year period, a number of images have appeared purporting to come from Jungwirth’s private Instagram account, and it must be said that those images give Tomlinson’s fans pause for thought.

J-14 reports that Briana has posted a picture showing off her baby bump, and it appears that baby Tomlinson’s arrival may be imminent.

Strangely, two further images of Briana have been leaked to social media, both purporting to have been taken over the holiday period. Neither image shows much sign of a baby bump. The first image shows Briana and her family standing by a Christmas tree, whilst her little brother is standing in front of her. There is absolutely no sign of a baby Tomlinson — in fact, Briana looks remarkably slim.

An image has also been doing the rounds that was taken from a video of Briana with her family over the holidays. Again, in that shot, Briana does not look pregnant.

Of course, these images may have been taken some time ago, but many of Tomlinson’s fans continue to strongly believe that Briana is not pregnant by Louis, and never has been. There have even been images of magazine headlines that Louis and Briana were having a baby that date back to December, 2014. Again, these images could have been faked, but many of Tomlinson’s fans believe they are genuine.

Indeed, in the case of Melty, the page still exists, though the story seems to have been deleted. A date-limited search for December, 2014, does show a number of article headlines suggesting that Briana was pregnant to Louis in December, 2014. If that were the case, then baby Tomlinson would have made history by being the longest human pregnancy in history.

With so many rumors, conspiracy theories, and oddities surrounding baby Tomlinson, many of Louis’ fans are convinced that the whole baby story is a publicity stunt. We know that Louis and One Direction’s image has been very carefully nurtured by their management team. With both Louis and Briana keeping silent on the subject of baby Tomlinson, many fans are convinced that things just don’t add up.

If Tomlinson is set to become a dad, then he should be enjoying the final weeks and days on the run up to baby’s birth, rather than being subject of a host of rumors. Until Tomlinson sets the record straight, questions will continue to be asked.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]