Craig Strickland of Backroad Anthem

Craig Strickland Found Dead After Going Missing A Week Ago In Oklahoma

Country Rebel revealed that Craig Strickland’s body has been located after a week-long search. Craig went on a hunting trip in Oklahoma and never returned. The lead singer for country band Backroad Anthem and his friend Chase Morland disappeared while duck hunting on Kaw Lake in Oklahoma. Today, the search finally comes to an end.

Country singer Craig Strickland was still missing earlier today, and his wife Helen thanked everyone who was still looking for him. Us Magazine shared that Helen Strickland had hope that Craig could still be alive after a test that was done to prove if he could have floated after their boat overturned. Sadly, that was not the case. It has been over a week since Craig Strickland went missing in Oklahoma while on a hunting trip. The friend who was with him, Chase Morland, was found dead after posting a very cryptic tweet before they left on the trip.

Helen Strickland went to her Instagram page to share a big thank you to everyone who was still out there looking for Craig Strickland even though it has been a week since he went missing.

“Several of the 4 State Search and Rescue team members and one of their outstanding pups, Wrigley. Such wonderful, hardworking, godly people. Our family has been incredibly blessed by your presence and the dedication of your furry friends. We cannot thank you enough for the hard work and tiresome volunteer hours you poured into the search for #craigstrickland. Your acts of kindness and generosity gave our family continued hope. Thank you for creating this program strictly from the goodness of your hearts. I know it takes a ton of effort to train every single day. Your pups are amazing Love in Christ, Helen”

Craig Strickland’s wife later shared a post that someone had found a cove, which they thought was promising. Helen revealed at the time that they wanted to find him so they can have closure. Now the family can finally have the closure that they were looking for since Craig Strickland has been located.

People recently shared that they recently did a test to find out if Craig Strickland could have survived when the boat flipped over. Helen shared a video showing that he could have possibly floated instead of sinking immediately. It turns out that is not the case at all. Along with it, Craig Strickland’s wife explained what they did.

“We were unable to locate Craig Strickland today. However, we are able to stay positive after conducting an interesting experiment to see if waders actually cause a person to sink. From this experiment we can conclude that Craig may have actually floated after the boat was capsized.”

Helen has been out there right along with rescuers searching for Craig Strickland’s body. Police officers, K9, and many more people have been out there searching for him, and today the family can finally get their closure. The details of where they found Craig Strickland’s body have not been revealed yet. Fans of Craig’s group Backroad Anthem are waiting on an update. Prayers are with the family of Craig Strickland during this hard time.

[Image via Twitter]