New Jihadi John emerges, killing five captives in video

New ‘Jihadi John’ Kills 5 In ISIS Video, In Which 6-Year-Old Calls For Death To Non-Believers

ISIS executioner Jihadi John may have a successor if a new propaganda video from the terror group, which also features a 6-year-old child calling for the death of non-believers, is to be believed.

The supposed Jihadi John successor speaks English with a British accent in the video, leading British authorities scrambling to analyze its contents and determine who the masked militant is. So far, some media reports have indicated that the jihadist could be Abu Rumaysah, a British national arrested in 2014 who then skipped bail and took off to Syria, but that identification hasn’t been confirmed, ABC News reported.

The original Jihadi John, identified as Mohammed Emwazi, 27, was reportedly killed in airstrikes in November, NBC News noted. The similarities between his grisly execution videos and the new 10-minute video featuring a new ISIS executioner are striking and disturbing.

So far, it’s not clear when or where the footage was filmed.

The video was released by the terror group’s official media office, located in Raqqa, online Sunday. The difference between this footage and that filmed by Jihadi John is that this man’s five victims were shot, not beheaded. But the new Jihadi John makes similar insults to his predecessor, name-calling British Prime Minister David Cameron, slamming Western campaigns against ISIS, and threatening the British people.

The captives are dressed in familiar orange garb, similar to that seen on captives murdered in other propaganda videos. The five victims, believed to be Syrian and between the ages of 25 and 40, are forced to confess to being spies reporting on ISIS activity to the British and then to kneel before their executioners.

The footage emulates the prior Jihadi John, in that it features one man dressed in a balaclava, addressing the prime minister, gesturing in a similar way and waving a gun.

“Only an imbecile would dare to wage war against a land where the law of Allah reigns supreme,” the Jihadi John successor yells, referring to Cameron. “The Islamic State, our country, is here to stay. And we will continue to wage jihad, break borders, and one day invade your land, where we will rule by the Shariah.”

The masked terrorist also called Cameron a “slave of the White House” and a “mule of the Jews.”

The new Jihadi John then finishes his speech with “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great,” before shooting the captive in front of him. Other masked fighters, gathered behind him, then execute the remaining prisoners, the New York Daily News described.

According to the Washington Post, British media has thoroughly examined and reported on the video. This new Jihadi John, a BBC reporter noted, now “becomes the new masked face of the Islamic State, at least for British viewers.”

But experts have already theorized that the video is probably an attempt to distract from the fact that ISIS has suffered many military defeats in Iraq in recent months. As for Cameron, he called the footage “desperate stuff” from an “appalling” terror group that is “losing ground.”

“The fact that we are a successful, tolerant, democratic, multi-faith, multi-ethnic nation — they hate that. But I know that Britain will never be cowed by this sort of terrorism… they will be defeated.”

But what is most disturbing about the new video and its apparently new Jihadi John is the person who appears at its close — a child, who appears to be no more than 6-years-old wearing camouflage and an ISIS scarf.

After Jihadi John kills men he calls “apostates,” “the enemy,” and “spies,” the young boy comes forward to declare “we are going to go kill the kafir [non-believers] over there” in English with a British accent.

Reports indicate he is Isa Dare, son of jihadi bride Grace “Khadija” Dare, 22, of southeast London. In July, Dare posted a picture of the child carrying an AK-47 on social media. She is of Nigerian descent, grew up Christian, and was radicalized online before marrying the now-dead Swede Abu Bakr.

Her mother, Victoria, said that “the devil took her away.” And Grace’s father, Henry, confirmed to the Telegraph that the boy in the video is his grandson.

“I was surprised when I saw the picture. It’s definitely him. Of course I’m worried but there’s nothing I can do now. I’m not angry — I would never have expected it. I just hope someone is trying to bring them back.”

[Photo via YouTube]