Gwen Stefani And Miranda Lambert Have More In Common Than You Might Think

Gwen Stefani Likes Controversial Miranda Lambert Tweet: Could Blake Shelton’s Ex And New Love Become Friends?

Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert are slowly starting to establish a social media relationship that has their fans scratching their heads. Is Blake Shelton’s ex-wife really on good terms with Blake’s new girlfriend, or has Gwen Stefani’s relationship with Blake turned the blondes into a couple of jealous mean girls who are pulling a Regina George by pretending to be nice to each other when they really can’t stand one another?

According to E! News, Gwen Stefani recently shocked Miranda Lambert’s Twitter followers by liking one of the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” singer’s tweets, and the tweet that Gwen Stefani chose to draw attention to was one that recently stirred up controversy. On December 26, Lambert informed her Twitter and Instagram followers that her grandmother had gifted her with a floor-length fur coat that was a family heirloom. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Miranda Lambert was slammed for claiming to be an animal lover while being okay with the idea of wearing a coat made out of dead critters.

Gwen Stefani Acknowledges Controversial Miranda Lambert Tweet
Miranda Lambert shows off her vintage fur coat [Image via Miranda Lambert/Instagram]

According to Socialite Life, Gwen Stefani doesn’t wear fur. However, maybe Gwen wanted to show Miranda Lambert that she was on her side by liking her tweet about the fur coat – some animal lovers are okay with fur if it’s of the vintage variety. It’s also possible that Gwen Stefani was simply acknowledging Miranda’s recent Twitter follow without having to be a “follow back girl.” According to People, Miranda started following Gwen on Twitter last month, but so far the “Hollaback Girl” singer hasn’t returned the gesture.

“It’s like someone said on Twitter, ‘I’m not gonna follow you back but here’s a like, thanks for your support’ lmao,” one of Gwen Stefani’s fans wrote after noticing the Twitter like.

Shortly after Miranda Lambert started following Gwen Stefani on Twitter, Gwen’s constant stream of cutesy photos and videos of herself with Blake Shelton started to slow down. However, Miranda probably wasn’t trying to make Gwen Stefani feel guilty by following her on Twitter – she was likely trying to send the message that she’s ready to move on and that she’s okay with “Gwake” being a thing. As Today reports, Lambert is currently dating Southern soul singer Anderson East, and things are serious enough that she’s posting cutesy photos of her new beau on Instagram.

Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert might seem like very different people, but the Cali girl and the country gal have a lot more in common besides their love of making music and sharing adorable photos of the men in their life on social media. If they ever meet, perhaps Gwen and Miranda can make things a bit less awkward by talking about their mutual love of Marilyn Monroe. Miranda mentions the iconic actress in her song “Girls,” and she told that Monroe inspired her to change her hair when she released her album Platinum last year.

“Who wouldn’t want to look like Marilyn Monroe?” Lambert asked. “With the album being [called] Platinum I got lighter in my hair because I wanted to pay homage to the title of the record.”

It should be fairly obvious that Gwen Stefani is also a massive Marilyn fan. Gwen once told Vogue that her room was covered with Marilyn Monroe posters when she was a teenager, and she still loves to mimic Marilyn’s look by rocking platinum locks and bright red lipstick.

Gwen Stefani Pink
Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert have both rocked pink locks [Photos by Chris Weeks/Liaison, Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert might have very different styles when it comes to the way that they dress, but they do share a passion for fashion – they both have their own clothing and shoe lines. According to Bloomberg, Miranda admitted that she wasn’t keeping up with fashion trends last year when she launched her new line of shoes and boots, Miranda by Miranda Lambert.

“I don’t even know what’s in style,” Miranda said.

Instead of worrying about trends, the country singer bases her designs on her own personal style.

Gwen Stefani told CNN that her clothing and shoe line, L.A.M.B., is also based on her own personal style – she just embraces a much edgier look than Blake Shelton’s ex.

“For me the line is genuinely for myself. I want to make a line of clothes that I want to wear – it’s kind of selfish,” Gwen Stefani said.

However, just like Miranda, she tries to design affordable clothing that women can wear every day.

Miranda Lambert might not ever step out wearing L.A.M.B. clothing or shoes, but she’s got to love that the name of Gwen Stefani’s clothing line contains the first four letters of her surname – or maybe she wishes she’d thought of it first.

Are you surprised that Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani are interacting on social media? And do you think Blake Shelton’s ex and his current girlfriend have enough in common that they could actually be friends?

[Photos by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images, Larry Busacca/Getty Images]