Alien bone on Mars

UFO Hunters Spot Alien Bone On Rock-Strewn Martian Field — Has Curiosity Rover Stumbled On Ancient Mars Battlefield?

YouTube Mars anomaly hunters Martian Archaeology claim to have stumbled on irrefutable evidence of advanced Martian life form in a Curiosity rover photo of the Martian surface. The photo appears to show a large alien bone on a rock-strewn field on the planet Mars.

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring conducted further analysis of the photo and reports spotting artifacts that suggest the bone could be the remains of an alien soldier who fell in battle and that the rock-strewn field where the bone was found was the site of a bloody combat engagement between alien troops in the Martian past.

The Curiosity rover photo shows the alleged bone lying among rocks (see YouTube below) on the Martian surface, probably a severed spinal or hip bone of a fallen Martian soldier, going by the claims of UFO hunters.

Nearby, Waring spots a number of weapon artifacts, including a bow with a hand grip for the weapon and a knob where the bowstring is attached. He also spots an ancient axe on its flat side, further evidence that Curiosity rover may have stumbled on an old Martian battlefield!

“It’s an extraordinary find and near it are a lot of half melted artifacts,” Waring comments. “One of the artifacts looks like seventy percent of a bow. It even has the handle area and the knob to hold the string on. Near it is another object. An ancient axe is also lying down on its flat side. The axe looks to be one piece with a small end and large end, with a wide handle area.”

UFO hunters spot bone on Mars
Alien bone on Mars [Image via NASA/YouTube]

The UFO and alien blogger claims that the true color of the Martian surface is blue as shown in the image above. According to Waring, NASA technicians tweak the color of the Martian terrain, as revealed in raw images obtained from Curiosity rover, to a “fake” reddish or brown color as shown in the image below.

Alien bone on Mars
Raw image from NASA’s JPL website shows Mars terrain with ‘alien bone.’ [Image via NASA JPL]

NASA, according to conspiracy theorists, uses color tweaking and other techniques to edit Mars images creatively. Waring claims that NASA’s image technicians color photos of the Martian terrain with a reddish or brown hue to hide evidence of intelligent life, animals, and bone fossils, such as the famous “leg bone on Mars” discovered in August 2014 by the Mars anomaly hunter Jason Hunter (see YouTube video below).

UFO hunters claim that despite evidence that the true color of Martian soil is blue, NASA continues to promote the misleading view that Mars is a “red planet” as part of NASA’s policy of altering raw images obtained by the Mars rovers to fool the public.

“[Blue] is the natural color of the ground on Mars, NASA has put the photo into a false color to make it look red to confuse the public.”

Mars anomaly hunters cite evidence obtained recently by Curiosity rover that confirms Martian soil is bluish.

However, what scientists actually said was that the surface of Mars is covered by a thin layer of iron oxide that imparts reddish color, but below the thin layer of iron oxide is blue soil.

Regardless, NASA officials have admitted openly that before uploading Mars rover photos to NASA’s websites, photo technicians alter the color of the Martian surface in a process termed “color correction.”

A Martian bow weapon
This Is a Martian bow weapon, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via NASA]
Grip for bow weapon on Martian surface
Hand grip for bow weapon, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via NASA]
Is this an ax on Mars?
Ax artifact on Mars, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via NASA]

Jim Bell, an astronomy professor at Cornell who leads NASA’s Panoramic Camera (Pancam) team, admitted that the colors of the Martian terrain and objects on the Martian surface shown in Mars rover photos are largely guesswork.

“Getting the colors right is not an exact science. Giving an approximate view of what we’d see if we were there involves an artistic, visionary element as well – after all, no one’s ever been there before,” Bell said.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) scientist Eric De Jong, with the Solar System Visualization Team, also admitted that the rovers use color filters and that NASA’s image technicians decide which colors the Mars terrain photos show.

“It works a little like an inkjet color printer, which combines primary colors to create various shades on paper,” Eric De Jong said. “Then, we can tweak the color just like you can adjust the color balance on a TV screen at home.”

This is not the first time that Mars anomaly hunters have spotted evidence of life on Mars. Claims of photographic evidence of advanced life on Mars have prompted tongue-in-cheek comments about “Mars Zoo” and “Mars Menagerie” by skeptics.

Undaunted, anomaly hunters continue reporting bizarre sightings such as “thigh and leg bones” on Mars, skulls, rib bones, alien animal corpses, Mars insect swarm, lizards, crocodiles, flying dinosaurs, and turtles, among others.

NASA explains that these sightings are due to a psychological bug of the human mind called pareidolia.

[Image via NASA JPL]