Ariana Grande rise to fame

Ariana Grande: Her Rise To Fame

Who Is Arianna Grande

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, and was raised in Boca Raton, Florida. She found her love for musical theater when her older brother began exploring his love for the theater. Grande’s brother ended up as a seasoned Broadway performer who, in 2014, played in the U.S. version of Big Brother. Because he was 10 years older than her, Ariana always followed in his footsteps and did whatever he did. As she grew older she began to audition for different roles in plays. One of her first leading roles was playing the lead in the musical “Annie”. Grande told The Telegraph her mother was afraid to leave Ariana alone during rehearsal and auditioned for the play herself. Ariana’s mother was able to earn the part of Daddy Warbucks’ maid, setting her nerves at ease. Ariana’s parents broke up close to this time, but she still loves both her mom and dad and has a good relationship with each of them. Her mother lives close by Ariana’s home in California and is her best support system. But her father still lives in Florida and rarely sees her. Grande says that when she does see her father, she has a great time and loves him dearly.

Ariana’s Fight Against Body Shame

Because Ariana has been in show business since she was a child, she is used to the occasional bad press, but she fights it the best she can. In 2015 Ariel Winter was pit against Grande on social media comparing their body types. As soon as Grande saw the post, she shared the post and argued against shaming body types. Grande wrote that everyone is beautiful in their own way and bodies are just the outer image. Grande has done this numerous times to fight against press hostility toward certain body types and shaming celebrities for not following the “preferred body image.” While she has been awarded the sexiest vegetarian celebrity award from PETA, she still hears body hate from plenty of people and has to ignore the hate and push through to succeed in her career. Even through the body hate in the public realm, Grande’s music was able to command 30 percent of the U.S. Billboard Top Ten in 2014. Ariana is clearly able to ignore the hate of the public to enjoy the life she has chosen and do her job to please her fans. Through fighting against the body shame she is also providing out a great role model for her fans to follow. By showing her fans she has no worries about what others say about her body, she is revealing to her fans that body image has nothing to do with the type of person you truly are.

Grande Has Love For Her Fellow Celebrities

Ariana Grande has shown that she has love for her fellow celebrities. Ariana found out that, like, herself Miley Cyrus also has hypoglycemia and Grande empathized with her pain. During an interview with The Telegraph, Grande told them that she loves Miley and thinks of her as a great person. Grande loves the fact the Miley is always herself and no matter what the public says about her she is still the same person. Ariana stated that becoming a vegan has helped with her hypoglycemia and the disorder no longer affects her. Ariana believes that when someone is happy with themselves it is a thing to be celebrated. She appreciates the fact that Miley is able to be so happy through everything she has been through. Ariana Grande is loving her life and seeing the beauty in life. Through all of her obstacles, she is fighting the hate and finding the wonderful part of life in hopes of being as happy as possible.

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