Anderson East: Miranda Lambert's New Boyfriend Is 'Complete Opposite' Of Blake Shelton

Anderson East: Miranda Lambert’s New Boyfriend Is ‘Complete Opposite’ Of Blake Shelton

Anderson East is best known to the world as Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend, and though the 27-year-old rhythm and blues singer shares a profession with her now-ex, Blake Shelton, in reality the two couldn’t be any more different.

Lambert has gone public in the past few days with her relationship with East, who just released his debut album, Delilah.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert have been very public with their romance, showing off pictures on social media including one that both of them shared showing them cuddling together under a plaid fleece blanket.

“The snuggle is real…” they captioned the photo.

But despite being public with their romance, sources say Miranda Lambert and Anderson East are still taking things slow.

“It’s fairly new,” the source told Entertainment Tonight. “They started seeing each other less than two months ago. They are just having fun and seeing where it goes.”

While Miranda Lambert clearly has something for musical types, sources told ET that Anderson East is actually “the complete opposite of Blake.”

While the report didn’t delve into exactly what that meant, it’s clear that Anderson East doesn’t have nearly the stature that Blake Shelton carries in the music industry. While Shelton is one of the biggest names in country music and occupies a place on reality television as a coach on The Voice, Anderson East is just nearing his big breakthrough.

East moved to Nashville, where he has become close with a tight-knit group of artists.

In an interview with The Bluegrass Situation, East said that relocating to Nashville has been a huge boost to his career, even though he started out at the bottom.

“I think Nashville, in general, the best music in the world comes through there, whether it’s going to see a show or whatever. I genuinely feel like, with few exceptions, the best musicians in the world are in that town right now. You see so much greatness every day to where you’re in some small town and somebody rolls through and your mind’s just blown. But, when you’re surrounded by that caliber and quantity, it takes a lot more for everybody to get on board with it and give it the time of day. And rightfully so. I think that’s why a lot of people get frustrated in Nashville, especially if they come at an older age and expect things to move pretty quickly. I came when I was 17 and was playing in hotel bars and s**t like that. I was willing to be bad and knew that I was going to be bad for a long time. And I just stuck it out. Hopefully I’m not nearly as bad as I was.”

But East also has plans to continue growing his music career.

“I just hope I’m not as good as I’m going to be.”

He could be getting a bit of help from Miranda Lambert in that. Both of them are featured together on the tribute album, Southern Family, and dating Lambert has already gotten East a lot of media exposure.

But while Miranda Lambert and new boyfriend Anderson East are taking things slow and keeping their relationship mostly quiet, her ex is doing quite the opposite. Blake has been dating fellow The Voice coach Gwen Stefani, and the two have been all over television and tabloids, sharing PDA on the reality singing show, and spending the holidays together.

[Image via Instagram/Anderson East]