Michael Jackson's mother is having health issues supposedly related to lawsuit stress

Michael Jackson’s Mom Is Lawsuit Sick As Janet Delays Tour For ‘Surgery’

Despite being dearly-departed for seven years in June, Michael Jackson’s life is still very active in the press, and it now appears that there is family drama brewing involving his sister and mother — and there is a lawsuit twist.

Although strange reports have emerged that say Michael Jackson’s mother may be ailing and his sister has unexpectedly delayed her tour to deal with a mystery surgery, this is hardly the oddest information about Michael Jackson to appear at the end of 2015.

For instance, Gigi Hadid’s father, Mohamed, reported in mid-December that several family photos depicting a young Gigi and Michael Jackson were allegedly stolen by a security guard, according to TMZ.

Adding to the strangeness, Michael Jackson’s alleged “Billie Jean” love child, Brandon Howard aka B. Howard, released a single titled “Don’t Say You Love Me” that made it to the Billboard dance charts in mid-December, according to the Huffington Post.

As if Brandon Howard‘s resemblance was not odd enough, he also sounds a lot like Michael Jackson, and it is alleged that he is actually Joe Jackson’s son and Michael Jackson’s brother.

However, the real news is that Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, is now being reported as having a decline in health. According to a November 24, 2015 report from the National Enquirer, insiders say Michael Jackson’s mom is dealing with a “mystery illness” and that traditional medicine is not working for the grandmother and the guardian of Michael Jackson’s children.

Insiders also claim that Katherine is 85 and suffered from polio as a child — which might be related to her health crisis. Nevertheless, they report that the real reason Katherine might be suffering is because “an unsuccessful billion-dollar lawsuit Katherine pursued against concert promoter AEG Live claiming negligence in [Michael Jackson’s] death has also taken a toll on her health, ”

In the meantime, the drama surrounding Michael Jackson’s mom’s health may have affected his sister, Janet Jackson. On December 25, 2015, CNN claims that Janet postponed an upcoming tour for an unexplained surgery — but could this delay instead be related to taking care of Michael Jackson’s sickly mom?

Currently, there are no confirmed reports that Janet Jackson is avoiding touring because of her mom, but the idea that Michael Jackson’s mom might be bothered by lawsuits related to him is an understatement.

Katherine Jackson looked great in 2012 at age 82
Pictured here in 2012, Katherine Jackson was the picture of health despite being 82. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Altogether, around 10 lawsuits were filed in 2015 concerning MJ’s life, music, or estate. Adding to this, Katherine is suffering from her own lawsuits.

For example, the Mirror reports that on April 3, 2015, that Michael Jackson’s chef sued Katherine because of alleged sexual harassment from Katherine’s nephew.

On top of that, Michael Jackson’s former home, Neverland Ranch, is both being sued and currently on sale. According to My News L.A., Michael Jackson’s home was sued for $4.58 million for alleged unpaid refinancing fees that attorneys say don’t exist.

Today reported on December 28, 2015, that Michael Jackson’s home might be on sale for $100 million, but he has not owned Neverland Ranch since his death, and the report stated the following:

“Colony Capital bought the property from Jackson for $22.5 million before his death in 2009 when he was in default on a loan.”

Worse, Michael Jackson may have sold out part or all of his company before he died — and that fact is now being contested in court. The L.A. Daily News, reports the following about the potential loss of the Michael Jackson estate around December 30, 2015:

“[Broderick] Morris — one of four people claiming part ownership in the Michael Jackson Co. — took the witness stand on the third day of a non-jury trial resulting from a petition filed by the Jackson estate, which is seeking to have the estate declared the sole owners of the Michael Jackson Co. LLC.”

Adding to this, Michael Jackson’s estate is being sued for blocking a tribute about the star. According to a December 4, 2015, report from the Guardian, Michael Jackson signed papers in 2005 to allow a documentary to be made about his life.

Unfortunately, the father of the deceased film producer, Raju Patel, is saying, “[Michael] Jackson’s executors are denying him access to music rights and video footage of the star, despite a contract signed by Jackson.”

A similar lawsuit was filed in July 8, 2015, according to Variety, and stated, “The American Federation of Musicians is suing Sony Music Entertainment for allegedly violating its contract in the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It.”

Katherine Jackson has been strong for a long time, but the lack of justice for Michael Jackson's wrongful death is breaking her heart.
Katherine Jackson has done her best to honor Michael Jackson’s memory but she may be destroyed because she cannot get justice for her son’s wrongful death. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Despite this long list of lawsuits involving Michael Jackson or his estate, Katherine Jackson is alleged to be upset about the lawsuit against AEG related to MJ’s untimely death.

After losing the $1.5 billion lawsuit, Katherine Jackson immediately appealed, according to a January 23, 2015, report from CBS News.

Sadly, less than a week later, it was said that the Michael Jackson estate could not appeal the lawsuit, according to a January 30, 2015, report from Hollywood Reporter. This is despite a previous wrongful death conviction of the doctor hired by AEG to treat Michael Jackson, according to CNN.

Obviously, the weight of this outcome and the other lawsuits that threaten the Michael Jackson estate has diminished Katherine Jackson’s spirits, and the National Enquirer alleges that she “hardly smiles or laughs anymore… she doesn’t let anyone in. She gazes about as if she’s looking for Michael [Jackson], wishing that when the phone rings, it’s him.”

Moreover, for fans that want to contact Katherine Jackson to give her a “get well soon” greeting, her @_IcantStopLovingU Instagram and Twitter pages have been disabled.

[Picture by Tasos Katopodis/Stringer/Getty Images]