Man Demands Jail After He Was Caught Having Sex With A Donkey

The crime of having sex with a donkey, or any other animal, carries a jail sentence and a heavy fine in Wisconsin, but one man was lucky to get away with probation and a lesser fine. However, it seems like that wasn’t enough for the man.

Gideon Swartzentruber, a 21-year-old farm worker, was caught having sex with a donkey by the donkey’s owner in a barn in Neillsville last September. As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, Swartzentruber told investigators his “privates were out of control” and that he “got crazy and carried away” when he had sex with the donkey.

The donkey lived on a farm where Swartzentruber worked. After the owner of the farm found Swartzentruber having sex with the donkey, he fired him and called the police.

barn wall
If only barn walls could talk…then again, it’s probably a good thing for some that they cannot. (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Swartzentruber told the police it was the first time he had sex with an animal or done anything like that before. For whatever troubled reason, Swartzentruber decided bestiality was something he should try at his place of work.

After the wild tryst with the farm animal, Swartzentruber pleaded guilty to having sex with a female donkey in November. Wisconsin allows anyone who is found guilty of having sex with an animal to be sent to jail for nine months and to be fined $10,000, according to the Huffington Post.

Apparently, the judge in the Clark County Circuit Court did not want to go that far with the farm worker, giving him a year’s probation and fining him $443 instead. Swartzentruber was also ordered to attend counseling for his weird and simply disgusting behavior, understandably.

Escaping a jail sentence and living under probation was simply not enough punishment for Swartzentruber. He returned to the court on Wednesday and asked the court to send him to jail for having sex with the farm animal. Clark County Circuit Judge Jon Counsell agreed and revoked the probation. He sentenced the once lovesick farm boy to jail for 30 days, according to the News-Herald Media.

It is not known if Swartzentruber will still have to attend counseling sessions to address his problem with controlling himself around animals or whether that original instruction was thrown out once he went to jail.

Swartzentruber has to begin making payments to pay off a DNA surcharge beginning in March, 2016. He has agreed to make payments of $25.00 a month, according to court documents. He must provide a DNA sample to the court as required by all people who hold criminal convictions.

donkey hoof prints
The farmhand said he lost control when he was around the donkey. Hopefully he’s found another career path which takes him far away from animals. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It is not known why the farmhand asked to be put into prison instead of carrying on with his life while under probation. He did not explain in court why he felt he needed a stricter form of punishment for having been caught having sex with an animal. Perhaps his shame is so great he didn’t know how else to express it.

Since the beginning, Swartzentruber has represented himself in court during the whole embarrassing incident while under scrutiny for having sex with the donkey. Since requesting to be placed off of probation and to be taken to prison, he has been ordered to report to jail on Monday by 5 p.m. He is still allowed to report to work while incarcerated. It is unknown whether he is working on a farm and still has private access to farm animals or not.

[Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]