Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Finally Make It Official

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Confirm Romance With Incredible Instagram Kiss, Hello Jailey!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are officially a couple. And they sealed it with a kiss seen around the world.

Yes. Finally, Jailey went public with their friends-turned-lovers relationship last night when the superstar shared PDA-packed photos with the gorgeous model on Instagram that left no one in any doubt about their status.

Naturally, Twitter exploded as trending topics of #JustinandHailey, #JaileyIsReal, and #Hailey launched shortly after.

After teasing the world with playfully flirty pics from their vacation on the Caribbean islands of Anguilla and St. Barts over the New Year, Justin ended the speculation on Sunday night by posting a sexy snap of himself passionately kissing Hailey (whose face isn’t seen) on the lips while holding her in a tight clinch.

The now viral kiss shot has since drawn 1.7 million “Likes” (and counting) and over 400,000 comments. The Biebs didn’t caption it. But when the chemistry is this hot, there’s no need.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin make their romance official after New Year’s Vacation [Image via Instagram]

In the pic, Hailey wears pale denim shorts and a pretty white crop top as she locked lips with Justin, who was decked in jeans, a white top, a denim shirt, and a black cap. The pair looked totally focused on each other.

Following their make-out session, the Biebs turned up the heat, posting another non-captioned picture of the couple on their night out together. The 21-year-old pop prince is seen staring openly at his girlfriend’s cleavage. For her part, 19-year-old model Hailey rocks a peachy gold dress as she gazes to the camera.

Justin Bieber
The singer and the model looked stylish on Sunday night [Image via Instagram]

A full-on alpha male shot of Justin wearing a pale Topman suit with Vans next to a pal and a sweet shot of the Purpose singer embracing his paternal grandmother, Kate followed.

Justin Bieber
The Biebs with pal Adam get serious shot for the lens [Image via Instagram]
Justin Bieber
“Love you Gramma Kate,” Justin wrote by an adorable pic of the pair [Image via Instagram]

Shortly after the couple made things official, the Biebs tagged Hailey in pictures of the pair over on his Instagram account.

Amid a Twitter tsunami of congratulations and memes of Jailey posted by their fans, mutual model pal Gigi Hadid chimed in with her delighted message at the kiss pic on Justin’s page. Fans captured Hadid’s note.

“Okay, I’m SO down for this. been with Z today, f*** it up Hails! double date is definitely happening,” she wrote.

As if there was any doubt about the fire between Justin and Hailey, an eyewitness informs Entertainment Tonight, “At dinner the other night, Hailey was gently caressing his shoulder while he fed her bread. They’re very sensual.”

Jailey’s confirmation of their romance comes after days of the pair revealing glimpses of their fun on Instagram enjoying the Caribbean islands with the Biebs’ younger siblings, Jaxon, 6, and Jazmyn, 7, their father Jeremy, his partner, and friends.

Justin Bieber
Jailey with the singer’s siblings and a friend [Image via Instagram]

Hailey spent Christmas with Justin and his family in his native Canada before the group jetted out to Anguilla. On New Year’s, the Biebs performed a mini-concert at a villa party hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio on St. Barts.

Later that evening, the heartthrob was seen kissing Baldwin in full view of guests at another bash thrown by nightclub owner Richie Akiva, TMZ reports.

On Friday, January 1, Hailey posted a pic of her kissing the nape of Justin’s neck with her arms wrapped around his shoulder and neck. Her caption reads, “New Years [sic].” The Biebs shared the same snap at his Shots account.

Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber snuggle together in a cozy shot on New Year’s Day in St Barts [Image via Instagram]

Among the slew of pictures posted by the pair during their loved-up holiday, the model was seen letting the singer take her hair tie.

Justin Bieber
Until recently, the lovebirds kept fans guessing about the romance while on vacation in the Caribbean islands [Image via Instagram]
Justin Bieber
The couple in St Barts just days before their unequivocal romance reveal [Image via Instagram]

Dating speculation ramped up further when Justin shared a funny video of himself giving Baldwin a “wet willy.” It looks better than it sounds.

The singer also uploaded an adorable video of the pair larking around on a tennis court on Sunday.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. The sweethearts have been hanging out together with increasing frequency since November 2014 and have been pals since 2009 when Hailey was introduced to Justin by her father, actor Stephen Baldwin.

It’s unclear exactly when the stars moved their relationship from the friend zone to intimacy. Back in December 2014, Justin took to Instagram to state his relationship with Hailey was platonic at that time.

“People are crazy,” he wrote alongside a black-and-white picture of the two. “I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
[Image via Instagram]

In February 2015, Hailey also squashed dating rumors, telling E! News, “We’re just friends. I’ve known him for a very long time, since I was about 13.”

That was then. Fast forward to 2016, Jailey is officially out and proud. And since the couple’s relationship is based on a firm friendship, there’s every chance it will last the distance.

Check out a snapshot of fans’ reactions on Twitter.

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