Jack Widdowson was beaten 8 months ago, but is on his way to recovery

Potentially Paralyzed Teen Returns To Ballet Stage 8 Months After Attack

A 19 year-old UK boy who was attacked only 8 months ago and left for dead will be making his return to dancing as he has begun to miraculously recover from the severe injuries, reports MSN.

After being attacked after a night out in Cardiff, Wales, Jack Widdowson was badly beaten and feared to be facing severe paralysis from the waist down when doctors made their assessment. However, as the teenager has began to progress it is believed that he will make a full recovery.

“Of course we know that Jack still has some enormous challenges and long hours of physiotherapy ahead of him, even just to get back to a normal level of mobility.

“However, this incident hasn’t at all diminished his determination to succeed as a top ballet dancer,” his father,Dr. Julian Widdowson said.

Jack was admitted to a prestigious ballet company before the accident and was said to have a bright future as a performer. His father says that he hopes to continue his studies while he continues to regain the strength that he lost.

“He’s already talking with his tutors at the London Contemporary Dance School, who secured his apprenticeship with the prestigious ballet company in Bern, about how he can continue his coursework while he recovers and he is wholly focused on returning to the stage as soon as possible,” said his dad.

Jack admits that in the first few weeks it was tough to see how things might end up as he struggled with daily tasks. However, he tells BBC News that he is focused on one goal, and that is to dance again.

“I don’t want this injury to define me or my career therefore, [during] even long and difficult hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions, I keep focused on the end goal, which is to dance again and hopefully continue my apprenticeship,” adding,

“Ballet is my passion… this has made me realize that now more than ever.”

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