Ben Affleck Promotes Vaccines And Breastfeeding

Ben Affleck, Hillary Clinton Want Lower Child Death Rates, Promote Breastfeeding And Vaccines

Actor Ben Affleck and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton crossed paths earlier in June at the Child Survival Call to Action conference where both the superstar and the diplomat sought to lower child death rates around the world by promoting breastfeeding and vaccination.

Both Affleck and Clinton want all child to live past their fifth birthdays. As The Huffington Post reports, Ben Affleck believes that the high death rates throughout the world for children under five years old are “abhorrent” and “unacceptable.” Affleck further comments, “We wouldn’t abide it in this country…and we must not abide it in the world globally with our brothers and sisters.”

During her speech at Child Survival Call to Action, which is a conference hosted by the government in collaboration with Ethiopia, India, and UNICEF to recognize and promote efforts to reduce child mortality rates, Hillary Clinton announced that 60 faith-based organizations from 40 countries were working together to lower child death rates by promoting breastfeeding, vaccination, and healthcare for all children.

Ben Affleck spoke about his organization, the Eastern Congo Initiative, and its initiatives to lower child death rates in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He says that his organization believes that people must help themselves help lower child mortality rates.

“The Congolese must lead in this effort,” Ben Affleck proclaimed.

Ben Affleck furthermore praised the countries of Kenya, Senegal, and Rwanda for their success at lowering their child death rates. As 570 News reports, the mortality rates for child under five years old dropped in Kenya by 14 percent, in Senegal by 46 percent, and in Rwanda by 44 percent between 1990 and 2010.

Eighty other governmental, civil society, and business leaders in addition to Ben Affleck and Hillary Clinton spoke at the conference in support of lowering child death rates through initiatives such as promoting breastfeeding and vaccination.

What do you think about Ben Affleck and his support of breastfeeding and vaccination for all children?