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Scott Disick Tries To Pursue Selena Gomez As She Rings In The New Year With Niall Horan

Even though Selena Gomez is reportedly dating Niall Horan, Scott Disick is trying to get with the singer. According to a new report, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend has been trying to hook up with the pop star all for the sake of revenge. That sounds like the mature and responsible thing to do.

Scott Disick
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Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber made jaws drop when it was reported that they have been secretly hooking up for the past four months. Naturally, Scott Disick is irate over the news and wants to get back at the Biebs by hooking up with his famous ex, Selena Gomez. Sources close to Lord Disick said that he’s been desperately trying to get with Gomez – and is failing miserably in the process.

“Scott’s rolling out the red carpet to get Selena’s attention and he did so in the most grandiose way. He’s very resourceful and got her contact information and sent her beautiful gold-plated poinsettias and they were arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.”

Scott has been even trying to get back at Kourtney by making New Year’s Even plans with Selena. It’s been previously reported that the recovering addict thinks it’s a great idea to make a paid appearance at 1Oak nightclub. Even Kourtney knows that’s not a good idea. When Scott saw the opportunity to date a very single Selena, he felt the need to take it.

“He wrote [Selena] a note inviting her to join him at 1OAK in Vegas to bring in the New Year – and, if she wants, he’ll arrange a jet.”

It doesn’t look like Selena Gomez will be taking him up on his offer though. It looks like she has better plans in mind. It’s been reported that Gomez and Horan will be spending New Year’s Eve together in Costa Rica. According to reports, the couple won’t be totally alone. They share a lot of the same friends so their crew will be ringing in the new year in the beautiful country. Both of the singers are taking time off from their busy careers. Horan is officially on his extended hiatus from One Direction, while Gomez is taking a break from promoting her recent album, Revival, before her world tour kicks off next year.

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Fans have already taken to Twitter to freak out over the thought of Niall Horan and Selena Gomez ringing in the new year together. Let it be known that this is all hearsay at the moment, and that no photos of their supposed gathering have surfaced.

While Scott tries hard to impress Selena with a private jet and poinsettias, Niall already won her over with a sweet Christmas gift. He reportedly gave the singer one of his old white T-Shirts drenched in one of his favorite colognes, so that she’s always reminded of him when they’re apart. How romantic.

“Before Selena and Niall went their separate ways for Christmas, he wrapped up one of his favorite white T-shirts and gave it to Selena to sleep in,” a source close to the couple told the Hollywood Life.

Of course, the entertainer loved the sweet gesture, especially since she’s crazy about his scent.

“She always told him how much she loves the way he smells, so he doused the shirt with his cologne. Niall told her to wear his shirt whenever she misses him. It’s a super sweet gift.”

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan first sparked the dating rumors when they were spotted having an intimate dinner with friends and family at The Nice Guy restaurant after the American Music Awards. The couple were then seen kissing at Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s birthday party, somewhat confirming the dating rumors. Though there haven’t been actual photos of the couple kissing, sources close to Gomez and Horan claim that they’re the real deal.

Selena Gomez
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