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Russian ‘Black Widow” Woman Arrested for Raping 10 Men

russian woman rapes 10 men

A woman from Tambov, Russia known as the “Black Widow” because she loves horror films and spiders, is currently on trial for drugging and raping 10 men.

The woman, known only as Valeria K., would lure men back to her apartment where she would serve them drinks laced with a powerful sedative that would put them to sleep for about 24 hours. She would then undress them, stimulate them and tie a rope around their penis to keep it erect while she had sex sith them.

The men would end up in hospital with symptoms of poisoning and penis trauma after they awoke. When police were called, all the men told them about a hot brunette woman they had been fooling around with before they blacked out. With descriptions of the woman from so many victims, police were able to arrest Valeria K. for rape.

So far, police know about 10 victims, but only 9 of them are pressing charges against her. The 10th man is refusing to press charges, saying he remembers bits and pieces of the incident and enjoyed it. He says “like hot women,” and thought the assault “was great.” He does however, regret that he was drugged and couldn’t remember more.

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38 Responses to “Russian ‘Black Widow” Woman Arrested for Raping 10 Men”

  1. JonHex

    Not to get too fanboy, but that's Spider-Woman not Black Widow.

  2. Anonymous

    …woman raping men…
    yeah, I'm going to have to call bs.

  3. Anonymous

    Like regular show on cartoon network "Yeeeah" Russia hot woman? for real. I don't need to be drugged.

  4. Vivek Yadav

    since ages… these whites are painting the world's canvas in black color…. superintendence of white shade…. gives them sadistic thrills …. shows their abusive nature …

  5. Sherman Smith

    mark's right spider woman is a hero. marvel should sue. if they were going to use a marvel character, why not the black widow. figures one guy liked it so much he's not pressing charges.

  6. Keslan Jennings

    Quite the idiotic response, something I'd expect from a "feminist"

  7. Jay Dubb II

    Where's C.S.I. when you need them damn it?; – ).

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Mark Jason Burdekin

    Raping people is not ok just because they're men. Also, that's Spiderwoman.

  10. Thomas Tomkins

    And why, exactly do you think that cannot happen? She drugged them, and had sex with them against their will. How is that not rape?

  11. Daniel Gwyn Gyllim

    "Category: Odd + Funny"

    Go fuck yourself Duncan Riley.

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