DISH to lose AMC Networks

Dish Network Set To Lose AMC, ‘Mad Men’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ Blacked-Out

DISH Network has announced that they plan to replace the AMC Network for excessive rate increases with the change taking effect as of midnight on Saturday, reports Reuters.

AMC Networks would require DISH to carry additional low viewership channels such as IFE and WE, therefore causing the popular cable provider to inform its customers that the services offered are not justified for the price that AMC is requesting to renew the contract between the two.

Dish has instead elected to offer channels HDNet, HDNet Movies and Style channels as a replacement for the network that houses shows such as “The Walking Dead”, “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men.”

“HDNet Movies and HDNet are exciting offerings for our customers,” Dish’s senior vice president of programming, Dave Shull said.

“These are networks that will bring great entertainment, including first-run, commercial-free movies in high-definition to our customers. DISH is the only pay-TV provider that did not raise its core package prices in 2012. We will continue to fight hard for choice, control, and value in home entertainment.”

The relationship took a turn for the worse when AMC Networks chose to sue the cable provider 4 years ago for a separate issue involving breach of contract. The lawsuit is seeking $2.5 billion in damages.

“It is unfortunate that in retaliation for an unrelated lawsuit DISH is choosing to punish its customers by dropping AMC Networks,” said AMC.

“DISH customers can no longer watch popular, critically acclaimed series, including the July 15 season premiere of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad,’ and upcoming and future seasons of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Hell on Wheels,’ ‘Mad Men’ and other popular programming.”

Yahoo reports that AT&T is also battling the rate increase with AMC and has yet to make a statement regarding their future with the network.

Are you upset that DISH didn’t renew their contract with AMC?