Naked Man Goes On Carjacking Spree, Injures 7, Breaks Pregnant Woman’s Legs

Criminals these days, I swear. In the second “nude crime” entry in 24 hours, an Arizona man stripped naked, stole at least two cars and then crashed them, injuring seven people on Friday.

The naked criminal has been identified as 45-year-old John Brigham of Scottsdale, Arizona. His nude crime spree began shortly before 1:30 p.m. when he crashed his first car into the side of a Porsche, sending it crashing into another vehicle, reports NY Daily. The driver of the Porsche was thrown from the vehicle and sustained serious injuries.

That’s when the weirdness started.

I guess Brigham figured he was already going to get in a boat-load of trouble, and thought, “why not have some fun with this?” or maybe news will come out in a few days that he was on bath salts or some other synthetic designer drug. In any case, after the initial wreck, he stripped down to his socks, jumped onto the roof of an SUV, and began screaming and chanting.

After this little display, he stole a blue Toyota Prius from a woman and hit several other cars with it before driving into a ditch. He was thrown from the Prius head first, and though you’d be tempted to think this was it for the naked carjacker, he got right back up and started looking for another car to continue his GTA4 spree.

“He got out naked, running all over the place, trying to get into other people’s cars,” a woman involved in the second crash said.

The naked mayhem ended there, as police arrested him and took him to a hospital for evaluation.

In total, seven people were injured. Among them, a nearly full-term pregnant woman who suffered two broken legs in the second accident, notes the San Francisco Chronicle.

Reader, what is with all of the naked crime lately?